How valuable can a 2013 nickel be?

In this video we will talk about newer nickels, nickels struck in 2013 that are bringing good money.
We talk about their values and know varieties. The 2013 nickels are worth looking for, so make sure to watch the video to the end.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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11 Comments on “How valuable can a 2013 nickel be?”

  1. Nickels are my favorite circulating coin. Not that I hunt them or have a collection of them. I just like 5-cent nickels

  2. I’ve got lots of nickels but haven’t sorted any yet. I did get a nickel yesterday that should grade 68 with full steps. But I won’t know until I send it in

  3. Sure didn’t know this. Can’t believe you could turn a nickel in 1000 bucks. Thanks J&B for putting the hard work into letting us all know these things.🙏 for Zoey. Don’t know what is going on with her but heard you say in one of the streams she isn’t doing well.

  4. Love NICKELS. No did not know of these
    being worth that. J, I did recently go through bu rolls of 58 and 59 Jefferson nickels my dad put away 50 years ago. Bam about 20 Black beauties. MS 64-67. Those are going to ANACS. Ill send you pics.

  5. J&B the two of you always amaze me with your knowledge and videos. I was NOT aware until now of the 2013 Nickel. Thanks, God bless and I pray B is getting around better and the puppy gets well.

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