How valuable can a 2020 quarter be? 2020W quarters to look for!

We talk about quarters worth money, quarters struck at the West point mint in year 2020. These quarters bear a W mint mark and a privy mark.
They are very collectible and their prices reflex that. Also, you can find them in your change.
So, the 2020W quarters are the quarters to look for!

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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15 Comments on “How valuable can a 2020 quarter be? 2020W quarters to look for!”

  1. I believe these high mint state w’s will continue to be valuable but since they are relatively new the value will come down when more people submit theirs for grading.

  2. The V75s are a excellent addition to the Nickels. EIEI OH MY!! 👌👍🏴‍☠️🇺🇸 I still have WPs in the bank rolls unopened….

  3. I have 143 W quarters from hunting in boxes some are in MS but most are pretty messed up from Circulation but now I know I can sell them pretty easy

  4. I found a – W Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, KS. Pretty early on so it looks pretty good. My question is should I get it graded

  5. Yes they are worth looking for! I gave my niece one graded but can’t remember what grade it was now! Hopefully when she gets old it can help her.

  6. I have found 7 all total,,3 2019 and 4 2020, I got them out of a change machine from a car wash that I use. Thought that would be a cool story to share with you on this subject. I still have all of them not graded maybe one day I can afford it. 😁✌️👍

  7. Where can I send some pictures I got of a couple of nickels that have some wire on top of the building as hand railing

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