How You Can Get FREE Silver From Your Bank!

Here's a Quick and Easy way to POSSIBLY score some Free Silver from your bank!

Over the years I've found literally Thousands of Silver Half Dollars by going through Half Dollar Coin Rolls, and you can find some too!

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Take a look at what's in the 100,000 Subscriber Silver Chest!

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How You Can Get FREE Silver From Your Bank!

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66 Comments on “How You Can Get FREE Silver From Your Bank!”

    1. ​​@Crimin4L Without a doubt yes, especially since you have both the 90% as well as those 40% ones.

      Plus when it comes to nickels and dimes, I would only go through them if you’re trying to find varieties or finish a set. Even if you find silver, it’s not going to be that much compared to a half dollar.

    2. @Crimin4L Yes, Dimes and Quarters don’t have the 40% from 1965 to 1970 to look for. There are WAY more of those than there are 90% halves.

  1. Gonna start a silver YouTube channel here soon, I’m just building up my stack! Been completely praying to win the chest haha!

  2. The city and surrounding area of 50+ miles from where I live no longer have unsorted coins. Every box is pre sorted out for silver now. The armored transport company sorts them out as well. Local banks will say the same ,plus 1/2 dollar boxs now say presorted no silver. I still tried a few boxs. They were telling the truth . Those days are gone in my city of 500k + ppl.

    1. eventually it will be like that everywhere. Thats why i try to get 2000.00 every weekend when i go to the bank to make deposits

    2. @New Bleppmore just sharing my experiences,/ truth. The boxs in my city literally say pre-sorted silver on the out side of each box. I didn’t belive the bank tellers when they said there are no more silver halves.. so I ordered 2 boxs. Turns out she was right. I’ve tried a few more times just to make sure. Nothing but a bunch of bi centennials or some toned looking non silver halves. Nothing silver unfortunately. Others may have luck but I have yet to find one silver half in a box. Good luck out there.

  3. I tried this one summer about 5 years ago, 1 box at a time (cause that’s all I could afford) 10 boxes over the 4 months unfortunately didn’t find any silver 😕 I was gonna continue, but my drop bank got upset with having to pour them in the counting machine (is my guess) and strongly suggested I close my account and moved elsewhere 🙃 that upset me so I spent the halfs on gas, groceries, bills and such. (Which was a fun experience) I know their out there cause I watch you, Madd, Rob, Nubbz, Half Dollar, 2PAC and countless other’s. My going theory is in really big cities such as the Portland metropolitan area the warehouse has gone through and sold all the silver out or the turnaround on newer coins is so quick you never see the older boxes, but what do I know, I’m a conspiracy theorist at heart and can not be trusted according to the general public at large. Guess my question would be is there anything you do that increases your chances of finding them? Maybe you have an insider that knows how to order in such a way to get you more? Grasping at straws I guess, but I’m sure you can understand the frustration of these people in comments cause like me we see it done so easily and can never replicate the process for ourselves.
    Till next we meet ❤ 🤍 💙 🥃 💀 Sköl

    1. I use a small bank a few miles away. Luckily the coin machine is customer operated and deposits directly into the account. The box orders are on set days and I make sure I work with the tellers so as not to be an aggravation. Most boxes have nothing however in a years time I have found quite a few.

    2. imagine how many people taking their coin to the Fred Meyer

      mind boggling amount really
      and that’s just one department grocery store chain

    3. When you get back into it, find a different bank to use as your dump bank if possible. Ur right. Why should they sell your cases are going to fino you’re just going to bring them back for no profit on their side!!!

  4. I go through two boxes a week. Four days ago I found 26 40% and 3 90% in the box. It’s also very relaxing.

    1. Pinning this as I get comments from people saying this never happens even though I have found thousands (literally) in the last 5 years, almost all of them while live on this channel.

    2. @Solaris70 .✳️° Ori-Tev Asazi it’s not a cost my friend you’re just getting change really. A box of half dollars is 1000 half dollars which is $500. But their face value is $500.

    3. @Solaris70 .✳️° Ori-Tev Asazi $500 for 50 rolls however it’s the same as cash in your hand. If there’s nothing, I deposit into my bank and use it to order another box.

    1. @My Charmed Unicorn did you specifically ask for silver ones? Or just regular? You can try other banks too. As long as it’s under 100$ you dont need an account

  5. I hit the jackpot at the local bank on a Saturday I asked for four rolls of three were personally rolled and one was bankrolled the three non bankrolled had 35 90 percenters and 12 40% in it I assume one of the tellers was holding it for themselves but weren’t working that day so my $40 investment had $400 in silver

    1. True. Once in a while, you will find a silver dump. My best so far is I got 14 rolls of customer wrapped halves at a local bank. In 5 of those rolls, I got 78 40% halves & 8 90% halves.

  6. You can have the bank order you $500 boxes of half dollars. And technically each silver coin costs you $0.50 since you take it out. When you are done, you can turn them back in, some banks will charge a fee unless you have a business account. Also find a discrete way to mark the rolls and boxes so you know if they are giving you the same boxes over and over again.

    1. one suggestion is get rolls from Bank A, but return the ones you don’t keep to Bank B. Just make sure it’s different banks, not just different branches.
      Far less likely to receive the same rolls multiple times.

    2. @13applejaxxx Some banks require you to have an account to deposit that much change, so be wary and ask first. 2nd, this is why marking the boxes and rolls is important, can save you time

    3. @Aaron DeRossett good point, I was simply offering another way to roll count.
      I seldom get more than about 5 or 6 rolls of coins (any denomination), so it isn’t too much for the tellers.
      I have purchased boxes, but not very often.

    4. @13applejaxxx  I got 2 $500 boxes, Regions bank requires a business account to deposit change, not sure the threshold but $1000 was over it, or a $10 fee which would wipe out most profit. A few is probably doable, a few boxes probably isnt lol

    5. @Aaron DeRossett Each bank probably has it’s own policies regarding the amount of coin rolls it sells out or takes in and whether or not an account is required (and/or fee).
      I have seen some state a fee is required if not an account holder. I have (personally) purchased a box of pennies w/o having an account (and no fee) while traveling out of state.

  7. I live in a rural town where the average age is 72, population 582. I’m go to the bank and find silver coins all day.

    1. Same here but they seem to be disappearing pretty quick and will probably only get more and more harder to find when they throw the CBDC at us soon

  8. I used to think people were weird for collecting coins, but now i get it. There’s history, uniqueness, and you have an appreciating asset.

    1. @Silver Seeker then you have people who melt down antique silverware so they get the silver, like barbarians, no love for the history, only pure greed.

    2. ​@Silver Seeker and if they could talk, I’d wear them in my ears like gauges and talk with them everyday

  9. Depends on the area I guess. I work as a teller and after going through around $1500 worth of dimes in less than 2 months I’ve found 8 silver dimes. I’ll keep looking in my down time at work but unfortunately it’s not as easy as it use to be

    1. Is there a good /pleasant way to present a question to a teller ? I mean do I come right out and say ‘I’m looking for pre 1965 dimes, quarters and halves” without them thinking (hmm what’s going on here?)
      Any help for this new 90% stacker. Thanks.

    2. ​@Elitake them flowers, or a coffee gift card, ask about thier interests. offer gifts, but mostly be a friendly listener, look at the pictures of pets and kids. legitimately care about people and they will derive joy, pleasure and peace simply by helping you get what you want. its textbook social engineering.

    3. ​@Eli if you make a habit of doing little things to make people’s day, they will be waiting for you to come in everyday to hunt coins. get a book of jokes and learn a new joke everytime you go in there.

  10. Never hunted for coins before. Next time I’m at the bank, I’m getting a few rolls of these to look for silver. This vid convinced me to try.

  11. I’m an Australian and got given a box full of US silver dollars that an old man I use to help look after left me.

  12. I sadly rarely can find them at the bank because someone always gets there before I do, so now I just order them instead to insure I get some.

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