HUGE COIN RARITY DISCOVERY – Wrongly Added W Mint Mark 2021-W $10 Gold Eagles Found By Coin Dealer!!

This is looking like it'll be the biggest modern gold coin rarity out there! PCGS broke the news that there are some Type 2 Added W Mintmark $10 American Gold Eagles (1/4 ounce) that are business strike but bear the proof dies… essentially, they are unfinished proof coins that should never have had the W Mintmark. In the past, the government has purposely created W-Mint quarters and other special coins that were supposed to be somewhat scarce, but these are a complete accident – or so we've been told – and are very reminiscent of the Close AM / Wide AM mishaps or Type B Washington Quarters, but this (I believe) will be more significant due to the extremely-obvious nature of the occurrence. Let's break it down… excited to see what ends up happening here.


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  1. New reverse signifies the strength of the eagle better. Wasn’t sure what to think of it at first but might be one the best designs Ryder dropped. Branch mint needs reopening, swiss cheese borders the border brothers don’t have plastic money yet plus so many other countries using our currency. Ostrich mint leadership

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