Hunting $1 Dollar Coins #2 – “Gold Dollars” and Susan B Anthony Dollars

I've been asked to do some dollar coin hunts, so I figured… why not? I'm a newbie with dollar coins so I am grateful for any feedback from those familiar with them.

A few key Dollar Coins to look for:
1979 P Susan B Anthony Wide Rim
2000 P Sacagawea "Bold Tail Feathers"
2000 P Sacagawea "Wounded Eagle"
2000 P Sacagawea "Goodacre Finish"
2002 – 2008 Sacagawea NIFC or missing edge lettering
2007 – 2016 Presidential "Missing or Wrong Edge Lettering"
2012 – 2016 NIFC Presidential Dollars

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I did manage to score a few NIFC's, a Proof Dollar Coin as well as a gold plated Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin which was pretty cool in my opinion… What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this hunt with me!

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30 Comments on “Hunting $1 Dollar Coins #2 – “Gold Dollars” and Susan B Anthony Dollars”

  1. Definitely something kinda different but I like it! Never hurts to continue to learn new things about coins! Nice job!

  2. Rob, that’s awesome that you were able to get presidential dollars. Those were sold by mint at a premium and could possibly be resold at good profit.

    1. @RobFindsTreasure Until I looked at your last few seconds of video, I didn’t realize those machine rolls were stamped with the presidents name, indicating they were full rolls of that particular president. (I thought you were getting excited over nothing, just based on presidenteial “enders”, lol) I get boxes of all machine rolled dollars, but they’re always just a mix of circulated of all kinds. It’d be cool to get a whole roll of one prez.

  3. Rob just love your vids .. Very informative..I will check my Sacs and presidential coins again..Thanks for sharing

  4. I did dollars a couple of times but didn’t really enjoy it as much as halves or nickels. Did pull two wide rim’s though. Keep it up.

  5. Dollar coin boxes are very rare. Also, not only did I subscribe to your channel (The reason for this is the giveaway, but to catch up on new hunts as well), I also subscribed to your gardening channel Rob Backyard Gardenerr.

  6. Wow thank you. I did not know about dollar NIFCs and I have seen a few too but always passed on them! 😒

    And your advice on checking coinstars has paid off. Just tonight i found a 1960 d silver dime!

    Keep of the great work!

  7. My friend back in high school got me a single bank roll of presidential dollars, I stowed them away and hadn’t looked at them in a while, opened it up the other day and three proofs lol. Not my favorite type of coin but cool finds for the collection.

  8. 2000 P also has the wounded eagle you want to look for not just tail feathers. worth alot

  9. You can also find some gold plated quarters in rolled coins too. I found one In a Chase bank roll.
    As for ordering coins, Chase Bank will order for you as long as you give them a week notice, and those, that you don’t want to keep, don’t redeposit them, just put into circulation. 😁

  10. I just went to the bank and asked if they had dollar coins and they did! So time to learn! Thanks for the video!

  11. we need people like you telling common folks and congress that we need to switch to dollar coins ($1&$2 dollar coins) and replace the old paper note. We need to save money(over 5.4 billion dollars) and the environment. Dollar coins can last 20+ years and can be melted down and recycled.

    1. RaGe Fakey Antek I’m thinking it’s an average of how long a coin last but yea coins last a super long time

  12. Nice video- I learned some new things to look for thanks. BTW- you mentioned there were 15 NIFC presidential coins. There are actually 19 NIFCs in that series. The first 20, and the 19 NIFC make a total of 39 coins. Reagan was the last.

  13. I loved how in this video you took mor time to explain what you’re searching for and why.

  14. I usually get rolls of them from the bank and spend them. Alot of people think they are quarters at first and can’t believe a dollar comes in a coin. It’s usually younger people

  15. Great video! I’m always looking to find more info in videos of what to look for and buy when it comes to searching coins. Thank you!🙏🏾👌🏾

  16. Love the way I wanted to collect only these and put them in a chest when I was 10 and my moM quit taking me to the bank to trade my dollars for gold dollars

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