I Bought A $100 World Coin Grab Bag From @World_Coins_South_FL

I purchased a $100 Grab Bag from Matthew Tavory (Instagram: ) and unboxed it, hoping to find some interesting coins for my collection and test the waters for a potential release on my site – these bags are now available at . Included in this bag was some interesting uncirculated foreign coins from Africa and Asia, a minor error coin from the United States, and an interesting (albeit small) gold coin from India. Let me know how you think I did, and if it was fair or not – I thought that there was some really interesting material!


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10 Comments on “I Bought A $100 World Coin Grab Bag From @World_Coins_South_FL”

  1. Looks like a Wildebeest on the backside of the two cent piece. Nice set of coins .Really enjoyed watching 👍👌

  2. I’d say that the gold coin price was a bit high, and the rest weren’t that great of a mix, seemed like just a way to clear old stock rather than give a nice true variety of mixed mystery coins.

  3. Thanks Christian, btw, the $500 grab bag I purchased from you was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Excellent variety and just what I was looking for. Thanks for the great deal and the fun of going through it!
    Keep up the good work my dude. Knowledge is Power

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