I Purchased A $55 Rare Coin Grab Bag From Texas – Unboxing RPMs & Variety Coinage Mix

I bought a bunch of repunched mintmarks from a Texas collector/dealer and figured that I'd unbox it as a grab bag after forgetting what I had ordered by the time the package had arrived! I got a really nice mix of repunched mintmarks that were FS-listed (in the Cherrypicker's Guide and able to be certified at PCGS), as well as a few other small varieties recognized that aren't repunched mm's. Always cool to add to my collection of varieties and special, niche collector coins, since these days it's tough to spend the time to actually find them individually or cherrypick them from dealers between balancing the channel obligations and my non-work related life. Hope you enjoy – let me know how you think I did.


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12 Comments on “I Purchased A $55 Rare Coin Grab Bag From Texas – Unboxing RPMs & Variety Coinage Mix”

  1. I love these grab bag videos….I wasnt expecting you to get much of value but I was wrong…great bag.

  2. Looks like a great grab bag! What coin microscope did you use Christian? Does it have its own screen? Would you recommend it? Thanks for the great video!

  3. Great grab bag. A variety lovers dream. Thank you so much for sharing. I used to think everything was a variety, then my dad thinks nothing is a variety, so I gave up looking as we search together. Going back to looking. Thanks again. Great video as always 👍🌟🌟

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