I Sent $10,000+ In Gold Coins To PCGS For Grading – Unboxing The Results (FAKES?!?)

I sent a bunch of gold that I own into PCGS for grading to make sure that they were authentic and see if we could get some good grades back, and here are the results! Some ended up coming back with great ones, and others less so – let me know if you would have done this differently in the comments. Gold is always super fun to collect and go after, both from a collectible perspective and a precious metals and gold investing one, and I'm happy that I went through this process and paid about $350 to do so.


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11 Comments on “I Sent $10,000+ In Gold Coins To PCGS For Grading – Unboxing The Results (FAKES?!?)”

  1. Sorry to hear about the counterfeit gold. You should have it tested as it may still be gold. Here’s hoping. But great overall results. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some great coins, Christian! Sorry you got burned on that quarter eagle. I can’t imagine why they couldn’t grade the large cent, either. The date is pretty clear.

  3. bummer on the counterfeit indian. this should be a lesson to everyone if you are not a good grader stay away from raw coins especially gold. what I am baffled about is you admittedly said you don’t do well in grading gold, yet you buy raw gold coins. strange.

  4. Wow … really interesting. sorry about the counterfeit gold coin … do you think it is real gold?

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