I watched my coin dealer appraise a coin collection in front of me!

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Shop location: 2154 Mariner Blvd. Spring Hill, Florida
Phone number: (352) 345-9979


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29 Comments on “I watched my coin dealer appraise a coin collection in front of me!”

  1. I have an almost identical wood box, the inlay on mine is a little different but the carving is spot on. Enjoy seeing Guy work the job. Thumbs up for you, kind sir.

    1. @SpegTacular They are made in India, very common all over the world. Nice boxes for coins, jewelry etc. Greets from GER, U.

  2. I’d like to hear Coin Guy tell about the biggest surprise coin find in what appeared to be a collection of common coins.

  3. I highly recommend buying from Coin Guy. I call the shop, Guy answers the phone, tells me he has what I want, then Nathan gets the order in the mail the same day. The order goes clear across country and is in my hands within four days. Great coins and outstanding service. I never miss a Coin Guy video.

  4. Hey a fellow Floridian and our counties are fairly close lol, had a question about an old dime I got in return for some random old coin I had collecting dust. Anyway it’s a 1942 silver dime that has what’s left of a bizarre mint mark, it looks like either the bottom half of a peace symbol ☮️ or a “w” with a partial circle underneath that covers both the bottom points of the “w” if it even is a “w”. I’d have gone through Instagram but I didn’t wanna risk it ending up in the endless message request folder so I figured YouTube would work, also I don’t feel too comfortable describing my Instagram profile on here so that you’d know which new message was from me, don’t wanna have a zillion random follow requests… that happened when I tried to describe my telegram profile to a YouTuber in his comment section last year lol. But my question was: “what’s with the weird partially circled w or the funky bottom half of the peace symbol ☮️?? And is it only worth its weight in silver or is it a cool one that I should hang onto??”

  5. I’ve been collecting since 1962. I remember my mom giving me Walker half dollars for lunch as lunch at school in those days was 25 cents so that would be for 2 days lunch. I remember on day she gave me a 1916 S walker with the S on the obverse. It was in VG8 condition. And many other old walkers but just getting into collecting I was focusing on Lincoln pennies. Some years latter I obtained another 1916 S walker in fine condition. Also snagged a 1921 walker and a BU 1917.

  6. I respect this dealer because I wouldn’t spend so much time appraising coins without a guarantee of making a deal. I’d start with maybe the first ten coins, try to make a deal on them, and if successful I’d look at ten more and make a deal. Etc.

  7. I like how quickly he seperates this stack. This is a man that’s seen some good stuff you can tell how quickly he shuffles trough the piles. He not impressed. That’s what makes him the COIN GUY

  8. I called him to find out the price on a coin that I had been looking for and he had it and he gave me the best price out of about 20 coin Shops, and the price was like $200 cheaper than the rest, this Guy is great and very Trust worthy which you don’t find no more.

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