INSANE Gold Coin Collection and Why I Still Buy Gold Coins

INSANE Gold Coin Collection and Why I Still Buy Gold Coins looks into why gold stacking is so crucial for a sound savings strategy. Gold bullion has stood the test of time for thousands of years. I continue adding to my gold coin collection because investing in gold coins is a secure way of preserving wealth. I am buying gold both when prices rise and when gold drops. Some viewers and subscribers like to stack silver but ask the question, "Why should you buy gold?" Some of my Bucket Brigade members have asked me to show my "insane gold collection" and viewers asked to see a full stack video. I decided to not do a full stack video but to show the gold I have and what I plan on doing moving forward.



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52 Comments on “INSANE Gold Coin Collection and Why I Still Buy Gold Coins”

    1. Is that about the trucking situation? What ever happened in that instance? Canada messed with those people or something? Idk really

  1. That is an INSANE amount of gold you have accumulated over a couple years I don’t know what kind of job you have that you’re able to purchase this much but power to you my friend !!!

    1. Hi Cir Gold! Good to see ya over here again. I’m actually a teacher. As you know, teachers aren’t known for being paid a ton of money. I have accumulated this from my side business which is buying and selling silver and gold.

    2. @Empire Precious Metals DANG I must be doing something wrong I do the same thing only now on a lower level than I used to due to poor health I buy scrap gold and silver jewelry and the wearable jewelry I come across I resell plus used to do repairs but can’t anymore !!

    3. My friend, everyone should have a side hustle. I get a pretty good retirement benefit, but I also deliver flowers now as my side hustle and most of that feeds my addiction…..
      Gold and silver

    4. @Empire Precious Metals Haha my wifes Dad was a teacher, and I was gonna be one but wasn’t a good studednt so stayed a bartender, lol, plus I can barely handle my own adhd.

    5. ​@Empire Precious Metals That is huge! I’m a “paycheck stacker” myself and I’m even in the top middle class here and probably havent got quite as much gold. But as you say one need to get a side business! Perhaps I will continue what I’ve tried. It all started out I spotted 4 foreign vintage (70s) gold coins in local auction lot that wasn’t mentioned or pictured very well. I won the lot at 260% the estimated price. One other bidder that high, probably spotted them too. I was willing to go to 100% of spot (inkl. fees) for the gold coins as there was other coins and some even silver and I figured I’ll try to sell the rest of the lot – got for like 88% of spot. Now it seems quiet for the summer but with what I’ve sold I’ve just passed 50% of spot (on the buying time) and still need some silver and numismatic coins to sell – one even from 1665. But as said it seems to have gone quiet for the summer or it is people not having so much money because of inflation so I’ll probably wait a little before trying to sell again – at least on Facebook auctions. However I’ve learned a lot and I’ll sure keep an eye out for interesting lots from the local auction house – also lots that doesn’t contain gold if I figure it’s worth the efford selling most of it individually. The numismatic coins has been quite a bit of the value sold so far – more than first anticipated even though I started auctions on “pennies” starting value. I really only counted the silver to be worth a significant amount but that I’ve taken up to revision. The silver left to be sold is vintage national and legel tender commemorative coins. But at the time being it seems they’re having a hard time even fetch scrap value – so that is the reason while I’m holding back. Should I be impatient I can always just sell them for scrap – easier and faster than shipping them to cheap skates wanting them below silver price – and most of them are even in quite nice condition.

  2. Since my silver position is complete, I’ve been concentrating on gold (and some platinum) the last few years. Something special about gold. 50 Peso is a good choice!
    I remember getting a few of those for $1700 a piece. Must have been 5 years ago or so. Anyhow, keep up the good work 👍🏼

    1. Thanks SoCal! Wow, $1700 would be such a deal right now. I remember buying 1/10 gold eagles at $104!!! I had thirty at that price.

    2. @Empire Precious Metals Yes! $104 would be a great price today. Regardless of price, I’m sure we’ll continue to swap fiat for the real thing.
      Just received a 1oz Britannia, 1/10th Mercury design (from the mint) and waiting on a 5g Pamp Year of the Ox.
      It’s interesting, I don’t see much carded gold on YouTube but I enjoy filling up those 25-card boxes. Everybody’s different..

  3. MEGA!!! Definitely a stackollection to be proud of Stormy! It’s been awesome watching it grow over the years 🤙🏼

    1. Thanks so much Strange Azz! Since this video dropped, the stack has already changed!

  4. I was about to pick up the John Wick gold round, but decided to hold off to see if price would go below $1900 (it was $1906 at the time). Then gold just kept going up. I’m a bit sad.

  5. Lots of shinny yellows, impressive stack. There’s a few you have on my To-Get list for sure. Thanks for sharing Imperious Leader!

    1. I too am collecting that same pre 33 set random dates in pcgs ms62 holders so I can’t be jacked with on the price. it’s greysheet

  6. A table full of shiny. Don’t see that too often. It’s right up there with all the other ‘great’ tables of gold and silver. Kudos Stormy.

  7. That’s a beautiful display of gold . I agree with you on the importance of fractional gold !!!

  8. The 50 Pesos in Spanish is called a “Centenario”, because it was first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary (centenary) of Mexican Independence. So the 1821 on the coin is the date of independence, not the first date of mintage. The second year is the date of mintage. 1947’s are restrikes, which are made even today. Pre-1947’s were made for circulation and can carry a slightly higher premium because of their lower mintages, especially those from the 1930s

  9. I’m trying to purchase at least 4 more 1/4th ounce Eagles before I dive back into getting a ton more 1/10th ounce Gold Eagles. Having said that, I’m still stacking Silver just as hard as ever. Just added 28 ounces to the Silver stack the other day. Keep stacking, and thank you for doing a full stack video. I really miss those from most of the long-time heavily invested YouTubers.

    1. It’s a pain in the a$$ doing the full stack videos. And the last one I did, I not only did the full stack but the collectibles I had. Video got low views for some reason. Not worth all that effort if it gets low views.

  10. Some great pieces in the stack there. Dead right about what you said about silver, I made a stack video when I passed 1000 oz and getting it into one place for even that amount was a hassle. Compared to the same $£ value in gold someone could walk around with it in their pocket. I love silver but gold is the obvious choice it seems, although if silver were to double in price and gold didn’t move then maybe silver would be worth the extra hassle. 50 will be a nice round number to hit on your way up to 100 😉

    1. At the moment somewhere around 25 oz although I sold a couple of pieces recently that I wasn’t as excited about, taking advantage of the higher price and bought back more sovereigns, somewhere around 70 of those, the obvious current goal is 100 sovs I reckon!

  11. 1 thing i want to mention and idk if this is everywhere, the gold i traded in the only ones recognized at full spot were the american eagles. i only had a 1 oz, 1/4 oz & 1/10 oz also had the 1/10 oz merc dime that sold at spot. the bulk was graded buffalos that the recognized @ 99% spot (but gave me 100% spot prolly cuz matching graded set 06-19′) and rest in bars or perth stuff went @ 94% spot i think. i dumped it at m LCS cuz i didnt want to ride it back down to 1750 and move into stuff beaten down all in 1 stop.

  12. after my first 10 ounces of silver I realized this is going to get ridiculous and won’t even have the space to store it so I stopped and switched to buying gold exclusively. Looking at a 1/10 ounce coin and realizing it was equivalent to those 10 ounces you kind of have to make the switch if you live in a small space.

  13. I’m a bartender in NYC & started putting majority of my check into gold & silver every week. I don’t feel like I’m losing in investment.

  14. Hey I just got into the game myself, hopefully one day I’ll have a 1/4 of this collection and I’ll be happy. Keep up the great work 👍

  15. Agree with your comments on silver. Just ordered a 3rd safe today just for my silver. No way I could grab all of that and carry it through a crowd of zombies. Perhaps I need to sell a bunch of silver and get some gold instead.

  16. Thanks for your video… a very impressive Gold collection… I only have 15 ounces of gold in 29 coins, but I really like the ones I do have. I still have not got a Buffalo or an Eagle, but maybe one day… The prices have gone up so much that I may not be able to get any more.

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