Is Buying Silver Proof Sets (1950-1964) A Smart Idea or a Good Value? Coin Collecting Advice

Let's talk about older (silver) U.S. Proof Sets, and whether or not they are a good value. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you are able to purchase them, but I go through the Pros and the Cons of purchasing these – it's not investment advice, but it's entertainment discussing how I think about them from their upside on varieties/DCAM or other better individual possibilities to their downside as mostly being a situation where you pay for plastic and their relative illiquidity. Leave your comments below!


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9 Comments on “Is Buying Silver Proof Sets (1950-1964) A Smart Idea or a Good Value? Coin Collecting Advice”

  1. was literally watching your older videos on sets last night what a coincidence lol thanks for the great info as always tho

  2. Love this type of video. You just talking to us, and sharing your knowledge. Greatly appreciate all you do for numismatics. But I love all your content. The quick PowerPoint are akways excellent 🌟🌟👍👍

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