Is Silver Stacking Dying? Why People Are Stopping…

Is silver stacking dying or dead? I think that there are definitely people who are leaving silver behind and focusing on other financial pursuits due to some of the drawbacks and disappointments. In didn't keep up well with inflation this year, nor the equities markets, despite extremely low interest rates. In essence, it was a failure, but I think it was a great reminder about why people stack silver and how to think about it going forward.

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28 Comments on “Is Silver Stacking Dying? Why People Are Stopping…”

  1. By the time all the silver related YouTube channels have produced the “Silver is Up!!! Silver is Crashing!!! What about Premiums??!!! Coin Roll Unwrapping!!!” videos for the fifth and subsequent times, I think the evidence is overwhelming that, as a hip and trendy YouTube fad, silver “stacking” is dead. That’s why a channel like yours keeps coin and metals investors looking forward to something new, interesting and informative.

  2. Silver coinage act goes way before the 30s
    No silver in Pennie’s and nickels
    Nickels have the same copper weight as 5 Pennie’s
    10 dimes have the same silver content as 4 quarters as 2 half dollars
    .72 Troy oz per dollar whether it’s 10 dimes, 4 quarters or two halves

  3. It’s all about the premiums, why buy from the shops when you can get it for just above spot without the big premiums that others are charging. Even the pawn shops that I paid 10% over spot for both silver and gold and for the last 5 months they been getting 35 to 40 % over spot and that’s too much for me just have to look for the better deals. Thx for sharing great video

    1. Similiar reasons with me. That’s why i buy more and more european junk silver (live in Switzerland) because it’s cheaper than the silver bullions coins with the premiums.

    2. @stern13 just had a friend offer me a 1906 king Edward coin to me for 580 but thinking I’m going to pass because I think the price is a little bit high

  4. Silver is a savings account. I only put the dispposibal income in it
    Its not an investment.
    I like to collect some of the rounds just for variety
    Be responsible in collecting what you like
    Thanks for sharing

    1. It’s always been the best of the pit metals. So much so that it was the paper of its day before we printed. But gold is what has value.

  5. I am building my stack for personal reasons. It helps me save because I’m not blowing my money on other things that are worthless in a short time period. Also since I don’t sell I am building quite a stack.

  6. Right near the end you hit the nail on the head. Saving, hedging, investing however you want to categorize it in something you understand. No doubt there are more stackers now than 18 months ago in my estimation. Great points guy 🤙🥈

  7. Yes I’m leaving, paying a 30% premium on something that is losing value consistently is enough for me. If it ever pops I’ll have enough to celebrate (though I doubt it)

  8. Stacking has been dead for me for almost 2 years. Prices are just too high and I don’t want to get caught upside down with a bunch of $30 silver

  9. I stopped last week and bought heavy into Pokémon ! I’ve been a 17 year collector I literally lost all interest no joke kinda crazy but I feel so free and good 😊

  10. I’ll be starting college in august and I’ve been stacking silver ever since I was 8 years old. I don’t know if I can afford silver anymore especially if I need to sell it and I’m paying more in premiums so I’m losing money so right now it’s not worth it to me to stack. BUT if I can get a good price I’ll pick some up or find constitutional silver in circulation I’ll stack that. Who else remembers when silver eagles were $17-$18 a piece! Lol

  11. Ahh man I really really love those monarch precious metals tombstone! I need to get one of those! Just a little broke right now! Lol thanks for sharing! 👍🇮🇹🐎✌

  12. I started buying in 2020 @18$ per oz. Quickly going to 29$ per oz. Not including premiums. I thought that PRICE was low, and bought over 100ozs in a 16 month time span. Looking back I wish I would have known about COINBASE. And how easy it is to BUY BTC ! I love my Silver stash.. However I haven’t looked at Silver in 10 months..Buy BTC for solid Investment. DYOR !
    (Do your own research). Good luck..

  13. IMO, we are seeing the “get rich quick” people moving on. Many jumped in thinking PM was going “to the moon” tomorrow, just to find out “tomorrow ” never comes, it is always today. You see this a lot in the casinos. PM is long term for sure. For me, it is a way to save and not piss away. It’s a hobby that will pay back, say better than my beenie baby or felix the cat collection, bwahahaha.

  14. The inflation and debt cannot be ignored right now. In 1964 5 silver quarters (1.25) was the minimum wage. Those same quarters are worth $20 today while minimum wage is 7.25. Silver is not an investment like equities, it’s not a cash producing asset. It. Is. A. Store. Of . Wealth

  15. I have always thought, as I have said before, silver is a solid long term investment. Like gold too, but for someone with shallow pockets, it’s hard to find deals on it these days.

  16. I only buy silver when the gold to silver ratio gets really high like over 85:1 and then sell it for gold when the gsr gets down into the low 60’s:1. It only works out well if I can find 90% or generic rounds for around $1 over spot.

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