Looking for Maya Quarters, W Quarters, Silver Quarters and more!

We are searching 2 boxes of quarters and looking for W-quarters, silver as well as new issues 2022 quarters. We found amazing coins and share our finds with you!
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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18 Comments on “Looking for Maya Quarters, W Quarters, Silver Quarters and more!”

  1. aloha !!! I’m looking forward to a new qtr . myself i have a few rolls D crossing the Delaware not one P but then again I’m in hawaii And the lowell is my only W Qtr. so you think theres still Ws out there that’s good to know .wow a silver
    bi- centennial.mahalo for video. aloha

  2. Good afternoon J and B thank you for sharing your thoughts on coins and information and I miss you guys

  3. J, save those Bicentennial quarters for me.. 😆 I have about 400 quarters and halfs so far. Love the video. 👍 👍..

  4. Great video. I like getting circulated rolls. I’ve found 2 Ws. I keep all the bicentennial of each coin as I find them. I also have several rolls of half’s that appear never opened.
    Occasionally I still find a new roll of Denver crossing the Delaware

  5. I have found every w quarter except the San Antonio….. Been looking since they started coming out. I have 30 W Quarters and no San Antonio……. Sad 😭

  6. Than you for teaching us about coins. I have a 1969 with three s on it I can’t believe my eyes. So I took the magnify glass to take a closer look. Yes a 1968 with three sss

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