Lost Treasures Resurface: $75,000+ of Real Treasure Coins Discovered from the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck!”

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Today we scuba dive for real treasure from the 1715 fleet of ships that sank to the bottom of the ocean during a hurricane!

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Huge thanks to the crew of the Mighty Mo: Milan “Choppy” Kalelkar and Tim “Ted” McManus

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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and YouTuber w/ 12,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on YouTube!

Video filmed by Joseph:

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Found $75,000+ of Real Treasure Coins! (1715 Fleet Shipwreck Treasure)


35 Comments on “Lost Treasures Resurface: $75,000+ of Real Treasure Coins Discovered from the 1715 Fleet Shipwreck!””

  1. Happy birthday! I don’t think the opportunities you get could go to a more deserving person than yourself, always excited and grateful for everything you get to do, and probably one of the nicest people ever, and you take us along on your journeys which is awesome. 👍✌️🎉

    1. Dont think he keeps the tressure just about every wreak som1 already owns salvage rightz too so what he finds haz to be turned over! I could be wrong too but unless he had perrmission or guy was with him it was illegal diving that wreak & bazically stealing & theres the tressure act law that would come down on him hard if he kept any of it

  2. Amazing video Jake!! Amazing to see historical pieces of coin, silver and gold! Could tell you were so stoked to find everting that you did! Keep it up man you amazing! 👍😀

  3. Thanks for sharing this adventure, Jake! Really enjoyed this! Great going finding all those silver coins! Keep safe and God Bless you all!😊😊😊

  4. This was a really enjoyable watch, Jake – congratulations on your finds and also on discovering your first silver coins 😊

  5. I’m both jealous and proud of you Jake. Keep doing great work and maybe you’ll find a real treasure chest one day.

  6. Clicking on the video I was skeptical that the “treasure” was going to not be real. I was definitely wrong. Seeing those coins covered in the years of growth and finally getting to see the light of day again when you cleaned them off was so cool. Would love to see these guys take you out again, and hopefully youll find your first gold coin!

  7. Amazing Jake!! This is a cool adventure and I enjoy seeing you diving real treasures, not to say your everyday day dives are not real. Keep up the great work and be safe.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎉🎊🎂 thanks for all the amazing content, beyond excited for this episode just by the title! Really glad you got this experience!

  9. Mel Fisher was a legend, and a man that got to achieve the goals he dreamed of reaching, its great to know that the sea has not given up all her secrets yet!

  10. Thank you for cleaning up our environment we love you and everything you do you make a big difference in this world thank you so much

  11. I have a metal detector that my beloved husband bought me (have only tried once in my yard) but I need to buy the small little hand held detector to pinpoint precise areas. I would really like to give metal detecting a try again. Watching your videos is like an instructional class. Thank you!

  12. iv been detecting here in England for over 30 years and have found many many silver coins dating from bronze age through to roman to norman through all medieval, tudor and modern eras but iv never hunted underwater…im getting on a bit now but i gotta say its been my absolute ambition for years to try it there after seeing so many programmes on it…this just makes me wana live long enough to some day have the opportunity …i envy you so much

    1. Careful while digging mate, because of bombs and unused rounds, always Dig around the signal first to make sure.

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