Lots of SILVER & Rare Clad World Coinage FOUND In Another Foreign Grab Bag – Hunt #29

Welcome to another episode in my Ultimate World Coin Search series, a group of videos where we unbox a half pound of mixed foreign and world coins from all over the world! For this series, I bought some world coin lots and then paid a lot of extra money to supplement it with a better mix… and it certainly has been showing! There has been a good amount of silver, older foreign coins, and really cool countries that I haven't seen coins from before. Hope you enjoy this series of videos as much as I did while I was making it!


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21 Comments on “Lots of SILVER & Rare Clad World Coinage FOUND In Another Foreign Grab Bag – Hunt #29”

  1. 9:28 Yup, German Democratic Republic, 10 Pfennig 1948. The 1 Mark Deutsches Reich 1915 looks great but is very common, because it was hoarded by the people during the war. Today it´s a kind of German constitutional silver.

  2. Ireland remained neutral during World War II.

    I have an idea for you to consider. While seeing the coins the same time you see them for the first time is fun and exciting, what if you went through them first, then did a little research on interesting factoids about the countries at the time of the coinage to add to the video? We get the same first viewing, but the narrative would be a big part of the show. I watch your stuff, what more can I say? Oh — keep making more, you’re doing great.

    1. Thanks Joe! I sort of enjoy the first look experience, but in my new series (starting in 4 Mondays), I do research and edit it in on anything I don’t know or have questions on – should be much more educational. Trying to up the production quality!

  3. Great series, I’m learning a lot about foreign designs I would never have seen otherwise. Adding onto what others have said, I think some background context would improve these videos. As an American viewer, additional info in the chyron (year, mintage, etc.) gleaned from Numista would be much appreciated rather than saying it “looks Chinese” and moving on to the next coin.

    1. Agreed – my new series of these (every other Monday, starting 4 Mondays from now) will have a lot more context on any coin I miss.

  4. I don’t collect foreign coins. I do appreciate some of the designs and the history you give with it. Appreciate all of your videos, glad I smacked the bell!!!!

  5. Coin at about 6:30, is Japanese, 5 sen, from year 12 of the Taishō era, putting it at about 1923. Listed at Numista under “5 Sen – Taishō small type”.

  6. great video and received my grab bag today can’t wait to go through it and see what I got.

    Ireland was neutral in WW2 they said “small states should stay out of conflicts of big powers”

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