MASSIVE $1000+ Proof & Mint Set Hunt w/SEALED Boxes & SILVER!! Mint Product Hunt

Isaiah and I recently got in a ton of interesting mint products, including proof sets, original mailed packaging proof collections, silver, toned coins, mint sets, uncirculated boxes, and even key date & year items (of multiple types)!! Follow along with us as we go through this sweet collection.. and rumor has it that we'll have a lot more items coming up available in the near future from this source. How would you value the proof items? Curious to hear your thoughts below.

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12 Comments on “MASSIVE $1000+ Proof & Mint Set Hunt w/SEALED Boxes & SILVER!! Mint Product Hunt”

  1. Nice lot of proof set. Really liked the unopened boxes & that tone Lincoln. That was a beauty there!

  2. Nice! Yeah I have a 5 set sealed box with the 1976 bicentenial. I wanna open it but i feel the same way.

  3. I JUST got some Canadian 95% Canadian coin sets. She BLUENOSE & SHIP series. VERY beautiful coins with a $20- face value. In a carboard box AND a nice plastic oval shaped one the coin comes in. The coin is in a plastic round container as well. Year 2000. ..Great Video!!……………………JB-PEI/Canada ..(Thats close to Maine and very much a;ike.)

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