MASSIVE French Renaissance Copper/Brass Jeton Purchase + Unboxing – Early French Kings & More!!

I saw some interesting French Renaissance era jetons for sale recently, and decided to start buying them. I view the series as a really interesting group of coins that appear to be dramatically underpriced compared to the cool factor & historic nature of the items, so I sort of went all out! These aren't the only ones that I purchased, but between the history, the culture, the artwork, the designs, and the age demonstrated by the group, I'm really excited to continue to learn more about these accounting tokens and over time build a really fun collection out of them.

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16 Comments on “MASSIVE French Renaissance Copper/Brass Jeton Purchase + Unboxing – Early French Kings & More!!”

  1. Very neat items. They could be the start of an awesome collection. One big advantage is that they are already identified. Nuernberg in Southern Germany was a famous center for the production of copper jetons (Zaehl- oder Rechenpfennige = Jetons). Vive le roi ! Greets from GER, U.

  2. Those Jetons are cool! They’re cheaper than coins of the same period and arguably better quality and better preserved than many coins of the period, due to what they were intended for.

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