Mercury VS 24k Gold Coin | क्या ये सोने के सिक्के को खा जायेगा? Never Try

Hello guys, is video me humne 24k pure gold metal ki mercury metal ke sath reaction dekhi hai.

43 Comments on “Mercury VS 24k Gold Coin | क्या ये सोने के सिक्के को खा जायेगा? Never Try”

    1. How many years will your mom live ??
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  1. Congratulations , for 10m subscribers , in advance, really world’s best experimenting channel❤️

  2. Everyone only wanna know price of 1g gold
    1g gold=4,755 rupees
    8 month ago- gold use by Amit cost =2050 ruppes
    Now 4755 rupees 🤑
    Audience – he is increasing his experiment price.

  3. “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that other throw at him.”

    — David Brinkley

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  4. Yu are really crazy to educate people in creative way you really spend lot of money in your every video👍👍 keep it up sir😀🔥

  5. To separate either you to blast with excess heat to melt mercury or just place it in Conc Nitric Acid to dissolve Mercury leaving Gold powder precipitation.

  6. I have mercury much more than you shown in video sometime I used to play with that. But I was not knowing that it will consume aluminium and gold if touched. Thank God I had not kept on aluminium or gold things otherwise my mom would have destroyed me😂

  7. So this is an alloy, when Mercury is mixed with any metal, it becomes an amalgam. So gold + mercury = gold amalgam. Finally, ncert is useful for something 😂

  8. I think it’s cool that I don’t really speak your language but still understand about 80% of the video. That’s what I call a good video.

  9. Bhaiya hum jis school me he vaha koi bhi topic practically describe ni karte….This video also helps us to understand all that topics which were earlier in 10th. Thank you 💖

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