Most EXPENSIVE GOLD Coin in the World is also ILLEGAL to OWN

The 1933 St. Gaudens Double Eagle is one of the most rare coins in the world, the most expensive and it's illegal to own. Such a storied past on this interesting coin.

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42 Comments on “Most EXPENSIVE GOLD Coin in the World is also ILLEGAL to OWN”

  1. I had a opportunity to pick up one of these Pre-33 recently from local LCS for $1875 I came back the following morning and it was gone 🤦I gotta get this coin in my stack 🥺

    1. The St. Gaudens are a must for any collection. A lot of them out there, so you’ll have another opportunity. Thanks T&M!

  2. This is such an interesting/crazy story. The fake buyer @ 6:08 pissed me off. They STOLE from him!! His family was dumb to report it too. The Chappelle skit was perfect though hahaha. I love this channel!!

  3. I’ve researched this myself, and I’m good with there only being 13 total coins in existence. Great job with the information! ✌🇺🇸

    1. I have gold plated replicas of this coin. One has the date in Roman numerals and the other is in Arabic. Also, one of them is missing “In God We Trust” that’s between the sun and its rays on the back. These 2 gold plated replicas as well as a few others that I have are stamped with COPY on the backs in various locations.

    2. The other gold plated replicas i have are the 1795 $1 coin, 1870 $3 coin, 1879 $4 Stella coin, 1929 $5 Indian coin and the 1849 $20 coin.


  4. It always amazes me how few Americans will ever hold or own a US Double Eagle. I always thought it was a bucket list coin!

    1. I have a pretty good dealer that consistenly has double eagles.

      Doesnt mean i’ll buy one. They’re beautiful, but pricy. The half eagles are more my jam.

  5. Really interesting story. Certainly a bit of mystery around it. I’ll check my stack just incase I’ve picked a few of these up and forgot about them 🤔

  6. Just bought a 3oz St. Gaudens silver reproduction last year that used the same plates as these coins. This story is really neat. It’s my favorite in my collection so far.

  7. Such a wonderful Gold Coin. This is one of my most favorite Gold coins given their history as Real money and Roosevelt’s Executive order 6102. Which is why I had to get my own Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle from 1915 ( Philadelphia ) from my local coin shop. Unfortunately I had to use one of my Gold Certificates ( not really ) to get my Gold Double Eagle coin.

    Great video as always Campbell’s Coins.

    1. Authorized by Theodore Roosevelt, confiscated by Franklin Roosevelt. A Roosevelt giveth, a Roosevelt taketh away.

  8. Excellent video, a ton of great information here. I heard something, it was probably on another channel, that a letter was written acknowledging possession of a 1933 double eagle that was overseas. The US government then provided permission to bring the coin over. Then, when the coin was brought over, the coin was seized. The coin owner won a lawsuit given the written permission provided by the government, and it turned out the coin owner had like 9 more of them, which also became legal. These are all just stories I’ve heard, so idk, but it’s a very interesting topic.

  9. Very interesting information. I’ve not heard this detailed information before about the 1933 St Gaudens Double Eagle.
    I appreciate you sharing this background story with us. 👊🏽

  10. This just proves how stupid our Government is. All they have done in the long run is spend hundreds of thousands of dollars dealing with a matter that could be rectified almost immediately at little to no cost. JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. The government accomplished one thing in the long run, they made someone a multi-millionaire. This is a good video. Thanks for doing it!

  11. A guy I know had a $10 gold certificate in his paper currency collection. He also had various denominations with different colored ink serial numbers. I sold him my $2 note that did not have the signing of the Declaration on the back. He gave me a fair price for it. Sure wish I had kept it now. Thanks for sharing this video, fascinating history.

  12. It’s only illegal to own something deemed illegal if you rat yourself out or get caught. Silence is golden.

  13. I found something like this once and I’ve kept it to myself for 53 years for every reason you speak of.

  14. Fascinating story. King Farouk was probably granted a dispensation due to his country’s importance to the U.S. during WWII.

  15. This history was well worth my time, thank you for your time to put it together. Incredible! Yes…. if one of these shows up in my life I will be very quiet. 😂

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