My Top 7 Silver Stacking Tips – How To Succeed

Today we are going to be talking about my best silver stacking advice, and 7 tips that should help you with your stacking goals. I think it's important to define why you are doing it, but then there are a few additional steps I'd recommend that you take into consideration. Whether it's considering physical storage, not buying any of the high-premium material that won't easily be sold to recoup the value, or avoiding getting caught up in any quick trends. Most of my advice isn't going to be radically different from what you've heard in past videos, but hopefully the perspective makes sense and can set you on the right path.


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9 Comments on “My Top 7 Silver Stacking Tips – How To Succeed”

  1. My wife and I learned a hard lesson about 10 years ago , had safe are in the garage where all my tools were never leave a plasma cutter in the same room as your safe. The sad thing was it was our son and a buddy of his that cut open my safe and took our collection of 25 years , silver and gold that we had gotten in the mid 80’s along with a complete Morgan and Peace dollar collection that will never be replaced. As for our son we didn’t charge him but the state did and we no longer have any thing to do with him. Thx for sharing great video

  2. I honestly don’t know anybody in their right mind that would store precious metals at the enemies location. The banks.

  3. *Lately I’m focusing on buying silver commemorative coins (I started selling my foreign banknote collections). I just love them but also is an investment for the future. :)*

    1. hopefully you are talking about classic commemoratives 1892-1954. moderns are melt and overpriced. if classic you made the right move. they are undervalued with low mintages. they are the smart buy.

  4. the only people who made money on silver was the hunt brothers in 1980 when they cornered the market. silver speculators have preaced dread for more than 50 years and here we are none for the worst. silver stacking is a losing proposition. you are better off investing in quality numismatic coins because they are not tied exclusively to the metals market.

  5. Good video Christian. But at current prices, junk silver premiums have been trending higher than generic rounds and bars lately.

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