New error found on 2021 penny

Breaking news! new error found on 2021 penny worth great money!
Please watch this short video and check your pockets!
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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23 Comments on “New error found on 2021 penny”

    1. Best feeling is knowing you’re going to make a gain today and tomorrow, and you’re 100% sure, Nathan Chui you’re a Genius

    2. Absolutely Nathan Chui is the few that I actually listen to and with a great sense of humor..

    3. Trading as a newbie is quite stressful and discouraging but after linking up with expert Nathan Chui, my financial situation changed.

  1. Thank you for that awesome news. To bad I’m on the west coast but you never know.🤙🤙

  2. I still have 2 2019 like the tumb in this video back to back in a new 2019 roll. I planned on making a video I do believe there’s no more out there wonder what I should ask for that

  3. Very cool, I will be on the lookout! I’m assuming they are from the Philadelphia mint correct? Thanks for the video J and B!

  4. I got a box & half was 2021 rolls, must have been researched rolls of 2021. The other half did not have any 21 or 22 pennies in. But I did find a couple dd, 2013 & 70.

  5. These errors have been around for a while now. The market on them has finally cooled down a bit, They were selling for upwards of $800. a few months back. Thanks.

  6. Would have thought the mint would have found these before putting them out into the public…..or maybe they did?🙃

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