NEXT 5 SALES (TRMW NIGHT): Huge Rare Coin Midsummer Sales – Ancient, World & US Whatnot Lot Preview

Saturday 6/24 7PM ET: (Lot Viewing Starts 1:09):

Tuesday 6/27 7PM ET (Lot Viewing Starts 3:53):

Saturday 7/1 7PM ET (Lot Viewing Starts 5:57):

Tuesday 7/4 7PM ET (Lot Viewing Starts 7:52):

Saturday 7/8 7PM ET (Lot Viewing Starts 9:40):

Sign up with the link above to get $15 off your first order on the platform! There are going to be some really cool, historic coins for sale across the next three or so weeks, including rarer world silver, better ancient coins, fascinating jetons, and everything from ancient coins to medieval ones to rare US type and silver ones to world coins, graded coins, and more!! So excited for this sale and opportunity to hang out – please join, even if you are not planning on bidding – just hanging out, chatting, and being there for the $20+ in giveaways would be wonderful.

Also, join my Discord, right here!

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16 Comments on “NEXT 5 SALES (TRMW NIGHT): Huge Rare Coin Midsummer Sales – Ancient, World & US Whatnot Lot Preview”


  2. My dear son, today I found a 1942 cent letter D. The magnet does not pick up the weight of 3 grams. If I can know the type of metal, despite its color, the color of zinc, can you tell me about it? A picture is availableDoes the tin not catch the magnets? Thanks

  3. I have two goals in coin collecting. I want a full mountain of coins to represent a life of collecting, and I wanna be able to rattle off the names and information as quickly as Christian does.

  4. I love this channel man. I’ve been studying US coinage for more than 20 years. This content has made me branch out and I’ve already learned a bit thank you

  5. Hey brother, i am from the usa , I really have a very old and special coins also internationally, but would like to ask if you would help me in selling them , also i have a very weird 1973 half dollar i would like to share with you , thank you and may God bless you ..

  6. I have 41 1970 d coin and also have one 1970 s
    One 1981 d
    ” 1976 d
    ” 1992
    Plse reply i have total 45 one cent coin
    from Nepal

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