Nickels worth money you should know about! 1970 S nickel to look for!

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17 Comments on “Nickels worth money you should know about! 1970 S nickel to look for!”

    1. This current dip is a huge opportunity to buy the dip and also higher volatility to yield more profit for day traders.

    2. Spot on! Alfred is all about simple technique’s that are highly profitable, I really admire his winning mentality.

  1. It’s hard to wrap your imagination around 2 million plus S nickels and where they are today! Now I will have to go back thru my nickels and look for any in there! Thanks for the tip and I enjoy watching and studying your auctions and hope to jump in one day! 👍

  2. I actually have a 1943 D war nickel… the thing is in excellent shape, the hair of Jefferson looks great, you can also see most, if not all the stairs on the back. Got it for $4.00

    I plan on making a video about it this weekend

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