Nickels you should know about! 1970 nickels worth money!

We talk about nickels you should know about. Nickels struck in 1970 worth money.Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “Nickels you should know about! 1970 nickels worth money!”

  1. This must be year of the nickel. So many great nickel auction sales this year. I didn’t know the 1970 didn’t mint at Philadelphia. Find out something new everyday

  2. I know I have some 1970 around here somewhere. I need to get my hoard organized 🤣 More exciting things to look for. Thanks for another great video !!!

  3. Havent really thought about keep nickels but will definitely have to keep an eye out for these. Thanks for the info

  4. That’s an awful lot of minted nickels that I don’t have, lol. Somebody must have them! Come on, Family, check your nickels!!

  5. Welcome back. Great to hear you’re voice my friend. You guys are the best. Very good video. Didn’t know philly didn’t make these. Thanks J&B

  6. Thank you for the information on this 1970 I know I found a couple 1970s and was curious as to why they weren’t shiny

  7. We do collect them. I was we had these to add to our collection. We do have one or two 1970 S’s I think. but nothing worth getting excited about.

  8. Still looking through quarters but I know I have nickels around here somewhere. I’m
    just so unorganized. Thanks for the video and sharing. Have a great weekend. ; D

  9. Thank you for this info J&B I just found a nickel where the reverse was struck twice but I’m not 100% sure it was a second nickel I’m trying to figure it out but I need to get it professionally cleaned first do you think that would be a good idea it is quite dirty I’ll be praying for you guys and everyone else that needs them

  10. Wow I am always gaining new knowledge and insight and I love this community everyone is funny and helpful and caring. Sweet, keep the videos coming. I am checking my nickles tonight.

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