Ohio Man Finds $20 Bill Worth $396,000 In ATM – World Record “Del Monte” Error Note

An Ohio college student found a $20 bill that looked a little bit funny in an ATM one morning, and that note sold for $396,000… a slightly more than what he withdrew it for. Makes me want to check my wallet a little more often for error notes – it doesn't take much to command some huge premiums! This type of error is an obstruction or a retained obstruction error to be specific… and while the original finder made close to $10,000, the value (or just purchase price?) has rocketed since then! The Del Monte note had flown under my radar, and when I saw it, I knew I had to make a quick video on it.


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32 Comments on “Ohio Man Finds $20 Bill Worth $396,000 In ATM – World Record “Del Monte” Error Note”

  1. Wow that’s awesome ! I really like this channel. It gives me hope. Now I look at all the change and dollars I come across much differently. It’s like playing the lottery that I never knew even existed.

  2. Can you imagine if you were the owner and found out your kid took it from your stack and used it for groceries? Oh my. Lucky college kid.


  4. @Treasure Town Very cool note! But WOW your channel really took off man, congrats on that! I remember commenting on one of your very first videos, wishing you luck as a fellow numismatist from CT. If you ever want to talk about Mexican Libertads, let me know. That is the one area of numismatics that I do consider myself to be an expert on as I have made the biggest discoveries in the series as well as helped a friend/customer to build the #1 top NGC registry set for the 1 ounce sized BU/MS Libertad collection. Keep up the great videos!

  5. This college kid just became a currency Hunter! He’ll be looking for copper 43 cents next! Thanks Christian.

  6. Personally I don’t find value in bad production quality. Lots of people like “error” coins, and paper money, and that’s fine, but whenever I see it I just automatically think “well who cares, people who work for government make mistakes all the time.”

    1. Definitely agree with the this vs. a few hyper rare pattern coins or something argument. A cool note either way, but I’d take 5-10 $40,000-$80,000 coins over it without a doubt.

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