Old Bills – Searching Silver Certificates for Star Notes, Fancy Serial Numbers and Rare Notes

Old Bills – Searching Silver Certificates for Star Notes, Fancy Serial Numbers and Rare Notes!
I picked up $579 worth of old bank notes (silver certificates and red seal notes) from one of my local banks while buying a massive silver coin collection dump and I am hoping to find some star notes, any rare or valuable bills, or any fancy serial numbers in these stacks of old bills.
If you missed the video where I show getting these old bills from the bank (when I picked up a serious collection dump), please check it out :

I hope you enjoy this bit of bill hunting with me. I was super happy to find not only quite a few $1 Silver Certificate star notes BUT a few other cool notes as well.

Do you check your bills (money) for fancy or cool serial numbers? If so, what denominations do you hunt most? What is your best serial # score or your oldest bill found?

🔴 If you don't know how to check you bills for fancy or cool serial numbers, check out this link below:

🔴 If you want to know how to check your star notes for their total print run and rarity, please visit:

🔴A few other useful sites for old bills:

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29 Comments on “Old Bills – Searching Silver Certificates for Star Notes, Fancy Serial Numbers and Rare Notes”

  1. Just curious about your opinion, Rob (or anyone)

    I keep all star notes that I find. I don’t care what their condition is as long as it’s not complete trash. The “newer” bills really don’t mean too much to me because I’m more interested in older money, but I just found my first $100 star note. It’s modern, and it great shape, but should I keep it?

    I think of modern star notes almost like a form of savings. They’re there if I REALLY need to use them (thankfully never had to), but that $100 is just sitting there lol I checked the serial number, and it isn’t considered rare.

    Thanks for any input!

  2. Rob, you are the luckiest collector. I love watching your videos. Question, what do you think the mint would do if the *note is also messed up?

  3. I love collecting old bills! Just got a 1923 silver certificate $1. I am pretty knew to collecting and I didn’t know you could go to a bank and purchase old bills. I’m gonna have to give it a shot with my bank when they open back up

    1. For the most part the tellers will just kind of skim through their boxes to see if theres any old bills for you to exchange for. It’s very unlikely for a bank to just have old money laying around.

  4. Again congratulations on this part of your epic score Rob. I save any old bills & all $2 bills/silver certificates, & I also look for all fancy serial numbers. Great video brother.

  5. Very awesome hunt! I haven’t seen much currency older than the 1960’s, either in person or in video so this was a new, fun and cool experience for me. Keep up the awesome work!

  6. Congrats again Rob, I can’t get over that haul 1 1/2 boxes+ and not one clad and all those blue and red seals. I save the X notes I don’t come across them all the time, don’t think there worth much Z are hard for me to come by for some reason too. That fancy note is a nice one, it’s cool you got a good amount of fives also. Usually you only come across 1 and 2 dollar bills in the wild. You always give good advice or to the best of your knowledge. Thank you for that I’ve learned a lot from you over the years👍👍.

  7. Such an awesome find! I’ll be watching your bill streams as I don’t know much about them and want to learn!

  8. Great search. Love going through old bills. Even if they’re yours and not mine. The silver radar was the best.

  9. 9:54 that 35h is a keeper. I’ve been studying alot on silver certificates lately and there are alot more things to look for especially in the 35 series notes. Also one more thing I want to add mismatched serial numbers were alot more common in these notes I hope you checked for that aswell.

    1. I’ve watched that back a few times and can’t catch what you are talking about could you explain please thanks..

  10. If you’re in the market to sell any of those silver certificates I’m in the market for buying. Great bank finds… ran into one of those recently. 380 worth of nickels.. 1913 type 1 down to 1970d … beautiful collection.

  11. I’ve got two $2 notes in serial number sequence which have the star added to the number. It’s a shame to see any older notes in your videos that have scribbled numbers written on them in pen. Love the videos. 🙂

  12. Love collecting coins and currency, do it primarily for the grandkids. I’ve found in this past year a $1 1957A Silver certificate M61041064A in fairly goog condition. Also a $1 1935F Silver certificate V88010606I in Gem condition. And my best find so far a $20 2017 NJ00211142 * in Gem condition.

  13. I have a 1928 $1 blue seal. The reverse is really neat! It got that Art Deco look. I also have a 1976 $2 with the printing skewed. The circular seal with the big F in it is on top of the “this note is legal tender for all debts public and private”

  14. These videos make me feel like I’m watching a pirate sort through treasure. Sorting and identifying collectable money would be a dream job for me since I have a major eye for patterns and details

    1. Well why not just do it then if you are that good at it and if the passion for it is thier or just as a hobby?

  15. Sorry for the crappy music I had to edit in. Some third party company is trying to claim the original tracks…

    1. I Wish he would Just STOP Moving his Dirty Hands up an down and stop talking long enough and hurry up a go through the dollar bills and show us what he has…
      .,! GEEZ !!

    2. I would be Really Happy & Excited to find ANY US Currency That Has All
      7’s in The Serial Number,
      Example; E77777777A….,
      & Find Some Lucky US Currency That Has A Star On It. ☆ 🌟

  16. I seen a few bills that were off center. They are considered an error bill because they are supposed to be centered on the field. Thanks for the video

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