ONE HUNDRED GOLD COINS – United States $20 Gold Double Eagles – $200,000 Collection

One Hundred United States Pre-1933 Gold Double Eagles. In this group, we have both Saint Gaudens (1907-1933) and Liberty Head (1849-1907) Double Eagles. Each Double eagle has a face value of Twenty Dollars, comprised of 0.9675 AGW (Actual Gold Weight).
Today these beautiful pieces can be bought for a relatively small premium over their gold bullion value.

Altier Rare Coins is always buying and selling United States Gold Coins.

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18 Comments on “ONE HUNDRED GOLD COINS – United States $20 Gold Double Eagles – $200,000 Collection”

  1. Ok that’s fucking crazy. He has a fucking double eagle. Those can go for millions if the right condition.

    1. Generational collecting, good job/business owner, lives in parents basement for the past 50 years. Who knows lol. Good question though! I want to be like them however they did it!

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