One MAJOR Silver Stacking Mistake That Gets Overlooked – My Unpopular Opinion (Sell?)

This is a silver stacking mistake that is often overlooked, but I think it is really important to discuss. Basically, do you know when you will sell? If you are a pure silver hoarder, that may be perfectly fine, but at that point, the value is probably not linked to any macroeconomic factors, and instead more of a pure hobby or a prepping idea. Is that wrong? Maybe not, but I feel that people should get into stacking silver with a clear point at which they'll sell in mind. That doesn't mean you can't re-evaluate, as the major factors may have changed, but it's probably smart to move away from emotion and focus on underlying reasons that you got into the metal in the first place.


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29 Comments on “One MAJOR Silver Stacking Mistake That Gets Overlooked – My Unpopular Opinion (Sell?)”

  1. You should always have an exit plan, no matter what asset you purchase. When I hear people “I will never sale” the first thing that comes to my mind is : “Then, why are you buying?”

  2. Buying silver or gold is up to anyone’s budget. You are rich then buy a ton of each. Unless there is a competition and you are on in it then keep buying and buying. Based on this I keep buying little by little according to my budget

  3. My dad got me into to the craze and he is gone but I have some of his old coins I feel safe when I buy a couple of old coins they will most always be a safe hobby that makes me think of my dad

  4. I’ve purchased my gold and silver to someday barter for goods and services or buy land with it. Id rather not go back to the worthless Fiat that I bought the gold and silver to get away from. Will I hold forever, NO. If I never need it for the reasons I stated, then I’ll leave it to my children.

  5. Christian I have a hundred dollar bill with a stamp on the reverse I’m trying to find some one that can tell me anything about it. I am your member I thought you would know somthing about it thanks

    1. Hi Emmet – Thanks for commenting! Please send me an email at treasuretownyt(at)gmail(dot)com – do you get the reply notifications? I have replied to your prior comments but haven’t seen an email… have you sent one along?

    2. @Treasure Town hi Christian I’m gonna try and figure out how to send you a picture of the stamp ok thank you for returning my message….sharon

  6. Good day sir!
    I’m kinda all over the board on rare coins, bullion, fractional silver/ gold.
    I put a CC set of Morgan’s together and some back up Cc’s. Also a few rare slabbed coins. They’ve all gone up this past year.
    For bullion’s I love Sunshine Mint and have mostly 1oz, a few 5oz, and a few 10 oz. now comes the junk silver that I actually love! Some silver nickles, dimes, quarters, halves. That’s mostly my fractional silver. I stayed away from the hoopla of silver eagles. Hated the crazy premiums.
    I also wanted some gold. So I bought American gold coins. I didn’t care if they were cleaned or nicked. I was after the gold value, not the numismatic value. Saved again staying away from premiums on the bullion.
    Now you got me interested in error coins and I’m having fun with that. Kinda like the old days getting 100 dollars different coins and searching for errors instead of old dates.
    Then my other treasures, were silver coins people were passing up (foreign) and Ike’s.

    1. That’s awesome! Seems like a really nice spread of coin collecting and precious metals interests – sort of how I collect!

  7. Collecting for about two weeks and reading and listening to everything. Purchased 10 Walking half’s junk and 5oz Silvertowne silver. Getting hung up on premiums? Read alot.. do you have an answer of some where it should be for junk and another for coins? Spent $230.00 did I do OK? Thank you from a real green horn!!!😎

  8. I’ve watched your videos since last year. I really like your attitude and honesty. I started with simple stacking of silver….well, now it’s Silver, Gold, Slabbed and PreSlabbed and I send them in to PCGS. Some new and old Gold. Constitutional silver and specialty silver. I have learned a lot from watching you and I’m now selling some for a better price. I love looking at my bounty and it will be hard to sell some of it because I’m attached I have sold at my local LCS and on Facebook and EBay. I have traded and bartered with other stackers. Life is good. Thanks again for your content 🙏🏼 Lori

  9. Back, about a hundred years ago, when I was 16…making a buck sixty-five an hour and our government allowed us to buy gold again, I told my dad I wanna save up for an ounce of gold. He said $140 an ounce is waaay too much, son 😞. Buy silver he said, it’s only $4-$5 bucks an ounce…Ole boy could predict the weather, being a meteorologist and all…precious metals; not so much. RIP Pops 💗 Jarred some memories on this one .😇 Good video, too Thanks

  10. reasonable perspective-I made the choice to stop buying during the pandemic as prices went up…no eagle purchases when they were 40-45 dollars as it made no sense to me. No junk silver purchases either! Just making a rational decision for me.

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