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64 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 17 RARE & PATRIOTIC US MILITARY ITEMS | History”

    1. I love the show but the tank episode would have been so much better if rick actually shot the tank.

    2. Jacket says the guy who wore it was a capt. in the marine corps. the marine corps was part of the navy back then.

    3. I think just to be honest and a upstanding business when stuff like this happens they should contact seller and give them something for the misunderstanding. Bicycle sale. it’s the way I’d roll especially since an Expert wasn’t called in which seams to be standard practice anymore

  1. Oh my god yes PLLEAASEEE keep releasing compilations like these! Love all the mini history lessons. I could watch these all day!

  2. I really respect the history expert. He doesn’t appraise the items so he isn’t complicit in experts giving the price within the range of asking price if the item is more valuable, he doesn’t help with ripping people off. He just looks at the items, tells their historical value and their authenticity. You can really see he is a principled man.

    1. thats on tv..dummy. Chances in real life everyone,appraiser,seller, gets a cut in one way or another. Anyone think appraisers would rub down on notice like that for free,is missing certain portions of their brain

    2. On that bomb siting mechanism he made it seem way more incomplete than it actually was (hurt seller), didnt mention how rare it was(hurt seller). Idk i kno its scripted but if he asked to get an expert and it was funny hat museum guy id tell him no thanks

    3. @peterjb84 you do realize this is America and we are capitalistic country? And also the most important part every owner of every said item has every right to say the word NO. If they want to take the risk and go to auction or post it on multiple sites for retail value they have very means to in today’s world. But the problem lies in that they are not patient and who fault is that?

    4. Why have I seen this EXACT comment multiple times verbatim underneath this video? All identical comments. All from different users. 🤔

  3. I’ve always love the obvious shtick between Rick and Chum, the producers clearly knew that they had gold here and look where this show has gone, still going strong.

  4. It’s really amazing that none of these experts are ever busy when Rick calls them up to appraise random pawn shop items.

    1. It’s random. The sellers are scheduled with appointments to come in. The experts are prebooked for that time slot. If the experts do the appraisal in front of the seller, they will already have given the real higher appraisal off camera.

    2. I saw an episode where their art expert was busy so they bought a piece of art for a low price and when they talked to the expert he said it was worth way more lol

    3. There have actually been several episodes where the expert was away or otherwise unavailable and one of the Pawn Stars takes a chance.

    1. Well, the good historians get better jobs like museum curators or TV hosts, the mediocre ones get teaching jobs

  5. This is why I – as a German – love America! No other country in the world would let you own such stuff like a fully operational tank.

    1. All you people crying about Rick robbing people need to learn about how a pawnshop works. Y’all would be out of business in a month if you were in charge of the place.

    2. I get what you’re saying, but if the seller doesn’t do their own research, then that’s their own fault.

  6. That girl watching this episode finding out her bike was worth 5G is screaming at the TV right now 🤣

  7. Im really shocked and amazed that somebody had pre battle plans for the battle of Normandy. That truly is something extremely rare that it can’t hold a price tag.

    1. @Chris Roberts assuming your one of the
      We never went to space
      George lucas taped the moon landings and the earth is a giant frisbee in space
      Type of people

    1. @Johnny Appleseed which is completely fair for the resell market. They could expect to realistically sell it for around $4500-$5000

    2. @Johnny Appleseed The patches can sell for $6500. The patches are on a jacket. You have to remove the patches and then individually sell them and also keep track of them and store them before you can get the opportunity to make the sale. You have no clue what economics are and think they’re going to find a buyer the next week who’ll buy it for $6500 as is, when that’s clearly not the case. $3000 for a few dozen items that can take years to sell is a fair price.

  8. The sword guy was the best one. Didn’t get angry at the appraisal, accepted it and agreed with it, didn’t get upset by the lowball and admitted they were too far apart so didn’t waste his time by an offer. Even after he admitted Mark was right. I wish more customers would be like this

  9. Call this the Mark Hall Patton hour!!!
    Definitely one of the best experts to ever grace the show. I love how he doesn’t give prices on items,,,, he’s only about the history of things,,, not the value. He seems like a really nice guy as well. I would love to pick his brain 🧠 for hours.

  10. Pawn star’s are the best watch them every day love them can’t get enough of them ❤ 😍 ♥ 💕 💙 💜 ❤ 😍

  11. I just love how Rick laughs at his own jokes. Lol. Props to Chum for always giving genuine offers.

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