Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History

A customer walks in with a hefty load of silver and Rick sees a golden opportunity in this clip from "Silver Linings". #PawnStars

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Pawn Stars
Season 6
Episode 11
Silver Linings

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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64 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 3,000-oz. Silver Collection (Season 6) | History”

    1. Shane Delahunty yes, he is the King of silver bullion. He stacks a lot of poured silver as opposed to coinage.

    1. Go to the bank, ask if they have any of those cool “older quarters” from 1961
      Failing that, just get boxes of quarter rolls. Say it’s for your place of business hand them cash. Hit all the local banks.
      Begin going through thousands of quarters. Take back the ones you don’t need to a bank that has a coin counter.

      Oh, or just buy “junk silver” from a precious metals store. Silver’s pretty cheap per ounce right now. And you’ll find a ton of change buy weight.

  1. Condolences for one of the classiest men on TV, Mr. Richard Harrison Sr. the “Old Man”. I never thought a celebrity’s passing could affect me so profoundly. I will miss him. Rest in peace shipmate.

  2. Loved this episode.  Wish the entire episode of the silver had been shown here and watch the old man really go after the silver.  Really did like the Old Man.  He started being called that when he was just 38.

    1. @VicarBrador no,this is scripted but the dela is real,basiclly they buy the object or not and then they film the show

    2. @Ara san Hu I think that’s true for some, but I have my doubts about this one as the seller is in another episode

  3. Man. I love this show. Happy to learn from those who have and and see them being successful. Life is gorgeous ❤️!!!

    1. I mean in today’s sliver goes more cheapers and if you get 3000 oz it’s like you may earn a lot than that if feels like 110k is not enough.

  4. My dad had a ton of silver quarters. He used to work at one of the family delis, and when he’d get quarters and dimes he would throw them on the counter to see if they were silver, because they sound different. Then he would seperate them from the normal coins and replace them with his own quarters and dimes

    1. A Vending machine gave me change. I heard clink, clink, clunk! Silver Quarter! I still have it.

  5. Possibly the only smart Pawn Stars customer, knew what he had and when to sell it at the right time.

    1. Well said. I’ve gotta say to the people that don’t know. Rick scored with the Constitutional. The bars are one thing, paying spot is paying spot but Silver Washington Quarters sell for *double* melt value on average – the Mercury Dimes are worth $2.20 and the lowest grade “good” will fetch $3.50 on any year. Rick made money here. Somebody went through the coins with a fine toothed comb, trust that.

    2. He also had something of value. Gold , or in this case silver. Things that have a spot price to go off of. Most people on this show expect to get 40k for an old cloth from 1973 😂 most things lose value, gotta have something that can go up

    3. Silver quarters do not sell for double melt value unless it’s a rare year like 1932

  6. That guy seriously invested well and in the end got the return on his silver investment BIG TIME 👏

  7. The Old Man loved silver. The young dude looked like he scored big. Was fun to watch. Great video

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