Pawn Stars: 5 Fake Items That ALMOST Fooled the Pawn Stars!

Check out these crazy knock-off items that Rick and company see right through, in this Pawn Stars compilation.

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

89 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 5 Fake Items That ALMOST Fooled the Pawn Stars!”

    1. Almost, previously they bought the Lincoln’s print.
      Mostly “Fake items that can fool inexperienced person”

  1. “…Now I guess I’ll just have to win some money at the casino…”
    So she’s just about to have even less money.

    1. Most likely, People that enjoy gaming will lose small amount if they are real game players, Baccarat, Poker, BJ Craps. THere are many people that earn a living and they’re really smart. Those players say they’re going to “play”. Not going to the casino. A Tourist will but there is Value in entertainment yet none most of what we consider Carnival Games. They are unbeatable long term.

    1. The critic to the title is right, but in this case is like le Lincoln’s print: he knows well because of his past experience.

    1. My son and I used to build custom pool cues like the master’s did before CNC and artificial materials were introduced. I still have a bag of preban ivory and a case of old growth maple shafts that have been aged for over 15 years beyond the 5 plus years they were aged prior to the first turning. I wouldn’t take any amount of money for either. They can’t be replaced.

    2. @Ray Martin Guitar guy here. What I’d GIVE for just some offcuts if you were to make something with it. Offcuts!

    3. @Wil D. Beest why use ivory, there is basically no difference between ivory and bone nuts (and acoustic bridges)

      Even synthetic nut materials dont make a difference.

      I think the Ernie Ball Jp60 uses a synthetic nut, and you couldn’t tell a difference to my strat which uses a bone nut.

      I’ve heard a few ivory nuts too, but you really can’t tell the difference, even when you are looking for it.

    4. @Eden Oh HECK no the ivory can stay where it unfortunately lays. Want no part of it. I want me some of that maple 😂

    1. There’s no way she couldn’t have known it wasn’t actually ivory if it cleared US customs, as the only ways it could have is either with documentation proving it was collected before laws banning it went into effect (which she would have presented if she had such), or it was known not to actually be ivory. She knew it was fake and was hoping they didn’t, or her ignorance was staged, take your pick.

    2. Either that or nobody at customs who checked it bothered telling her it was not genuinely and she lived in blissful ignorance. Or just the show is fake, I dunno. Still if she really got scammed on buying ivory, I’m really glad about that.

    3. @Ben Dover lol I can see it now “I’m Karen, and THIS is my pawn shop mister, and you’ll sell me my ivory tusk or you’ll be hearing from my lawyer very soon, DO better”

      Something like that

  2. It’s always nice when the seller just accepts what Rick says and doesn’t argue with him but something about a random woman insisting she knows everything is just really fun to watch.

    1. The woman with the “ivory” “tusk” lmao. What do you mean by the ivory tusk I bought in Taiwan is fake; I mean, all the elephants living in Taiwan tho.. right? And what do you mean the WHOLE tusk I bought for just 1’500$ is fake? And how on Earth a tusk made from many individual pieces visible on the first glance and with a slit with wood underneath is not a real tusk?
      I CAN’T EVEN

    2. The tusk was too big to frame, plus he has a lot of overhead and it would sit in the shop a long time before selling, etc.

  3. Rick is a mensch. His encyclopedic knowledge of antiques is only exceeded by his moral compass. His comments on ivory are spot on. The “old man” did a great job as a parent.

    1. This is a scripted show and everything about it is just fake as in wrestling. They don’t even work at either shop, just appear there for filming.

    2. @Archie Ames uhmm no. I clearly meant using that material specifically. It was used for piano keys, billiard balls and stuff like that. Do tell me how plastic toothbrush is a meaningless luxury?

  4. Who would have a Marilyn Monroe item ‘appraised by 3 other people’ worth around $40k and not bring the paperwork with them to sell the item?

    1. The same people who go on “American Idol” who are convinced that, despite their complete lack of talent, they are the next big thing…

  5. The tusk made me laugh. If it were real Ivory. Buying it in another country and bringing it into the US. Customs would have taken it and the woman would have been fined big time. Rick should have said, you got it past customs because it wasn’t real.

    1. That wasn’t true many decades ago, people were exporting ivory like crazy, that episode is probably from 10 years ago or more, and that lady probably bought it in the 70s-80s or something. Importing ivory into the US wasn’t really cracked down on until only like 5-6 years ago. Also, you can still import elephant ivory if you have evidence that it was originally taken prior to 1976.

    2. She said she bought it many years ago… so that’s not necessarily true, it was legal to own ivory here in the past.

  6. I love that Rick commented on the ivory trade and said he doesn’t deal with ivory for moral reasons ❤️ thank you!!

    1. @Herraivo I guess whether he decided it or not, I’m glad it was brought up for people who may not know about it

    2. Less for moral reasons and the hassle in trying to sell it; negative attitudes make it hard to sell, and you’d have to prove it was collected before endangered animal laws went into effect or it’s not legal to buy or sell. Moral reasons too probably but there’s plenty of business reasons it’s not worth messing with for him. Not sure how old this episode is but in 2016 the US almost completely banned trade in elephant ivory; exceptions can be made but it requires a lot of documentation to prove it was collected before laws prohibiting the collection of ivory went into effect. To Rick it’s probably just not worth the hassle. Maybe he has moral reasons too, but it’s probably mostly for practical reasons.

    3. He never said that. He said he didn’t like the process and politics of it and it’s not as needed today due to synthetics. You are attributing something to him he didn’t say.

  7. The guy w the Marilyn Monroe poem and picture seems like a good guy. Just found out everything about his collection is fake and took it like a man. He appreciated Corey’s time and didn’t argue. Good guy.

    1. His eyes were dialating and he was way too intense, seems like he knew beforehand but wanted to know for sure/ plausible deniability.

    1. Me too! learning about ink, it had iron in it, so overtime it rusts. This show makes history interesting, for those that are not history Enthusiast, they probably accidentally learn things from the show.

    1. Ivory should be traded at licensed shops to support animal reservations.
      Tusks can be harvested from mature animals without harming the beast..while sedated they can also receive medsxand other treatments.
      This also reduces poaching

    2. @William Vickery Yes if you can make it legal, business has a way to keep the product vibrant.

  8. The Ivory Woman’s face when Rick says “I dont buy whats beautiful, I buy what I can sell” is priceless

  9. “Everything about it screams fake”
    Yeah, really sounds like that one almost fooled him!

  10. “It’s not even a real forgery.” 😂 That totally made my day! Such good humour for a fellow who just discovered he was double-duped.

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