Pawn Stars: 7 ANGRY SELLERS LOSE THEIR COOL (Deals Gone Wrong *Part 3*)

These sellers were not very happy with the outcome of their deals, in this Pawn Stars compilation.

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0:00 – Fred Coates Pistol
6:06 – Semie Mosley Prototype Guitar
12:30 – Three Trigger Shotgun
17:22 – Murray Bikes
23:45 – Hohner Harmonica
27:01 – Eanger I. Couse Painting
33:13 – Onyx Diamond Flip Glasses

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

85 Comments on “Pawn Stars: 7 ANGRY SELLERS LOSE THEIR COOL (Deals Gone Wrong *Part 3*)”

  1. I wouldn’t call the first guy angry necessarily. While he clearly didn’t like the experts opinion he did understand it

    1. Yeah he was nowhere close to angry. He excepted what Rick said and said he’ll go look for more proof. Pretty level headed if you ask me.

    2. I finished watching the whole video and I didn’t see anybody get angry lol. Last deal was a success even

    3. Well they’re all scripted interactions so really the only “angry” people on the show are just good armature actors

    1. @Sir Henry Simmerson don’t forget about the guy with the amish abraham lincoln and fat mary todd photograph. Wasn’t quite 1/1000000

  2. Wow! These guys REALLY LOST THEIR COOL! I mean, the way they all maturely disagreed, politely shook hands, and quietly left the store! Wow, that really shook me up.

    1. Totally! I mean…it was so crazy. The one first guy even sighed! Did you see that. A SIGH!

    1. Like Alaskan Bush People. Show is so fake, but the characters are so weird and interesting. That part isn’t fake.

  3. Always love the people who think their piece is “worth” a certain amount and think that’s what a pawn shop should pay them. No clue that the pawn shop is a reseller.

    1. always love people who think this isnt 100% staged, and think that a certain amount of this is real in any way. no clue that the pawn shop is staged for television.

    2. @Agentfirestarter 3000 I went to this shop on vacation and these shows are staged when I walked in these guys are no where to be found an employee told me they come in for the shows and they told me they are staged.

  4. First guy has the right idea. His evidence wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t enough. He had a good attitude honestly, he planned on doing more research to try to make the sale doable. I doubt it worked out for him, but I hope all the best for him.

  5. Considering that Semie Moseley sold at auction for $107k I’m inclined to believe he rightfully refused the input of that expert.

    1. @GD I must have misread the articles then. Still, I think the valuation on the show was still way low.

  6. It would really be interesting to find out how these sellers ultimately did. I’m sure many probably just kept their items but did many get close to their asking price in an auction or to another buyer?

  7. The first guy was so angry I was getting concerned for the health and safety of the film crew. Incredibly dangerous situation.

  8. Wow! I have never seen anything like this happen on national television!! These guys went absolutely nuts! What really blew my mind was how polite they pretended to be.

  9. The guy selling the harmonica was hilarious. The seller asked for $500. Rick says I’ll give you $75, then the seller goes “lets meet in the middle, how about $400” 😂😂😂

  10. I like how he always has a buddy to call into the shop with nothing better to do than come in for free and do his job for him.

  11. I always wished I could see follow-ups on some of these items that these people want a whole lot of money for and then actually take them to auction and see what they get.

  12. The first guy actually almost set the whole store on fire 🔥 🔥.
    I really feel bad for the angry reactions

  13. I’ll never understand why these people take these types of things to a pawn shop and not put it online for a collector?

  14. Honestly I’m super impressed with Corey and Chumlees transformations over the years of the show. They lost crazy weight! Show aside super kudos to them for getting healthy. Definitely inspirational! Loved the show from the start and continued love to the show. I know they’ve had some mix ups but hey the majority of us do. Most important thing is they all have grown into great ppl. And again very inspirational!

    1. @Fast Eddie You mean good ole Chumley? Say it ain’t so ! 😮
      🤔 On the other hand, 🤑🤢👺😵‍💫😵🥴

    2. they have money and he got new teeth they are a still slugs and have a long ways to go to be “healthy” as you say

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