Pawn Stars: A Very Rare 1944 Silver Coin (Season 13) | History

Rick takes a look at an incredibly rare coin that gets appraised for much less than the owner was expecting in this clip from Season 13, Episode 11, "Smokin' Pawn". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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68 Comments on “Pawn Stars: A Very Rare 1944 Silver Coin (Season 13) | History”

  1. The expert was talking about the actual prices the coins were sold at while the seller was talking about how much the coins were listed online. I can list some junk on eBay for over $100,000 but that doesn’t mean it’s actually worth that much.

    1. who knows though..if he posts it for that much and someone wants it badly enough,maybe he will get that much..arent many in existence so he might be able to get away with that if it means enough to someone

    2. I agree…. I could put up “ANYTHING” on eBay but that does not mean I will get the asking price. Do you remember when someone sold a “GHOST” on eBay and somebody actually bought it??? Can’t remember the price but the ghost came with confirmation papers. Ole ghost had to relocate!!!!! LOl

  2. Hey grandpa, we saved all our money to get you this super rare coin for your birthday.

    Thanks, I’m going to take it to a pawn shop

  3. This guy, the art guy, Rebecca and the old guy that knows about wars are prob the only experts i trust on this show.

    1. I have a steel penny I’ve been trying to find a coin shop to take it to so I can get more or less what it’s worth I’m trying to sell it myself

    2. @Eduardo Hernandez I have hundreds of rolls of 1943 P, D, and S mint steel (zinc plated) cents…What You have is worth anywhere from 25c to a couple of bucks. I’ve been dealing in coins for about 60 years. Just keep Your penny as an oddball keepsake to surprise a kid with. I give these to people all the time just to get a reaction, They are not worth anything, Have a good day, -Smythie

    3. @John Smythe I showed some old wheat pennies to a kid on the school bus that I drive. He thought it was stupid to care about an old coin. He thought it was foolish and worthless. He acted the same way about old comic books. I actually helped helped him find that he had two comic books that were worth a lot of money, The Incredible Hulk 182 and The Human Torch 17-Golden Age 40’s. He is 17. His mother got him a job at the Toyota dealership where she works. She got him a summer job last year detailing cars for $25 an hour. Now he still has a job there but for $11.50 an hour. They had helped him make some quick money to save to buy a car. He’s working his way up to changing car fluids and stuff. His mother also bought him a scratch off ticket for $50. The kid won $1,500 on his very first ticket. OMG, this kid makes me crazy. He thinks people will throw money at you. What a way to start his adult life. He has one more year of high school and should be driving an old Toyota car next year. He’s a high functioning kid from a special education bus. He has OCD, so he tells me, which is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He says he didn’t talk till he was about 7 years of age and since then he hasn’t been able to shut up. Every time I try to impress the kid with something old like a movie, a comic book, a coin, etc, he just wants to know what such a thing might be worth in dollars. He seems to think this is all that matters. He is certainly right in some of that but he doesn’t seem to connect with sentimentality or the idea of an antique, days gone by, a culture from the past. He just wants to know why he should care and what something is worth in dollars. Me, I think I’m the opposite. I care more about the antiquity, the age, and how rare something might be. If I was better off selling something, then OK, maybe I need the money. I’d rather keep something of value though than to give it to some “fool”, some “kid” who thought something from the past was just some silly junk. I kind of feel that way about some china I inherited from my mother, and trinkets and stuff but I feel differently about other things that interest me.

  4. i’m almost sad to see David Vagi in a show like that ; this guy is a true expert, a passionate who truly know what he’s doing. He should have his own show ( ancient coins, why not! )

  5. Why would anyone in his right mind sell something so rare at a pawn shop? That’s like trading in your vintage Ferrari at Carmax

  6. I looked it up myself. Rick is absolutely on the money on the price. An AU-55 1944 steel sold at a Heritage Auction in Aug. 2019 for $26,400. An AU-53 (which is the grade for this coin) sold for $30,550 in 2014. Based on these auctions, this coin is priced fairly by the expert and by Rick. The seller says auctions don’t mean much, but as a coin buyer and seller myself, yes they do because you don’t see $20,000+ coins bought and sold just over the counter at a coin shop that often. These high valued coins are more often seen at auction.

    1. The one from 2014 was the exact coin in this video. That man’s family paid $30k for the coin for his 70th birthday (he said he was as old as the coin) You can see on the PCGS website that that serial number was the one sold in 2014. Grandpa tried to get a quick 3x and cried “I know what I have” when he got called out

  7. This exact coin was sold at Heritage auctions Feb. 4, 2014 for $30,550.00 which includes a 17 % buyers fee. Another one sold for $26,400 just last August. That coin was graded slightly higher at AU 55 but a weak strike. The 2019 coin had not been cleaned and it appears the coin in this video might have been lightly cleaned. The offer of $25,000 was too high. [EDIT: the show first aired: October 24, 2016.]

    1. I personally have 3 of these coins one from. Every mint Philadelphia Denver and I think was San Francisco was the other one back then

    2. @Claude F lol sorry my friend I plan on that funding my sons college or first car

    1. Your dad is exactly right you can have something that was appraised for $100,000 but if somebody only wants to give you 80 and it’s the only offer that you have that’s all it’s worth just because it was appraised for a higher price does not mean somebody will give you that price also when people go to sell things they have a sentimental value to it that means nothing to the buyer.
      Because of great and sentimental value they reject the offer thinking that they can hold out for a better offer when in reality what is work today isn’t what it’s worth next year and we see that all the time with gold and silver prices they might have waited too long and it might end up being worth nothing . You might have heard your dad tell you you snooze you lose 🤭

  8. This guy is probably correct because usually with such rare items the next time they go up at auction they go for a lot more!
    lots of people that wanted it and missed out on it will remember the auction that they lost and be willing to pay more later…

    1. And yet, 2 sold a “recent” auctions for what the expert values it at.
      If you sell at a pawn shop, don’t go in looking to get top dollar.
      If you’re not willing to put it up for auction, the you’re basicly expecting someone else to gamble on what they can get…

  9. A pawn shop is not where one goes to sell something like this and expect top dollar for it. I agree with the coin expert that an auction is where those top dollars would be found. It is an awesome piece.

    1. They go there not to sell but to get publicity, a free evaluation and a video recorded 3rd party assessment as proof

    2. The item was a result of a casting call, and it was selected for public interest. He certainly did not take it to the pawn shop to sell unless he gets a fortune for it.

  10. I always look through pennies for that allusive 1943 and 1944 treasure. I have so many wheat-pennies it’s ridiculous. Pretty neat thinking of what they were used to buy close to a hundred years ago, all the same.

    1. The regular issue 1943 U.S. Cents, from all three mints, were zinc plated steel and are quite common.
      Bronze (95% copper) was used from mid 1864 through 1942 and again from 1944 through mid 1982.
      The rarities are 1943 bronze or 1944 steel.

    1. Loved that show went in one x but Rick and the old man and crew where gone and the rest of the cast but still got great service from the other employees ended up buying a Jesus piece sterling silver and a watch Michael kors I believe mother in law got it hope the cross necklace they still have

    1. @Paul Flores Yeah, and you pay to have it photographed and put in a catalog, say $5k and you pay 30% and it will be listed and you will sign to sell at the last auction value, that was $30k. If you want a reserve, that will cost you more or they may not auction it at all. Then you pack it up and ship it to them regardless of insurance, you hope it arrives and actually gets sold and does not end up “lost”.

    2. @Donald Kasper sometimes it’s not worth it to gave it graded either. The chance of the coins getting lost while in transit, the amount a person have to pay of getting it graded and the anticipation of how long a person have to wait before coin actually be graded is bothersome. You are absolutely right about that. With social media all around, some collectors may actually be interested on anyone collection and know the value can buy it at a better price without going to the auction.

  11. This customer doesn’t understand that the ‘value’ of a rare collectible is what you’re able to sell it for, not what someone is asking for it

  12. Dude wanted some money. He still got it. Wonder what he ends up getting for it. Was fun to watch. Great video

    1. Hes never going to get more then the expert mentioned. The $30k he mentioned is right between the 2 known auction sales.

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