Pawn Stars: All Time Historic Items (6 Amazing Pieces of American History) | History

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Rick, Corey, Chum and the Old Man are amazed when these 6 unbelievable pieces of American history are brought in the pawn shop, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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79 Comments on “Pawn Stars: All Time Historic Items (6 Amazing Pieces of American History) | History”

  1. I always love the way Rick hems, haws, and sighs loudly when a high price is asked for from a seller. It’s even worse when one of his experts appraises the item for a higher price. The bartering is just as fun as the history.

    1. And then there are times where Rick offers more than what the seller is asking for and sometimes it’s by a wide margin

    2. @AR just look at when some lady brought a ZZ Top costume into the shop, not only did Rick authenticate it by contacting the band member that it had belonged to but he made it possible for the band member to buy it back from the lady for way more than she had asked for. Everyone was happy with the deal

  2. That first guy needs a show I always enjoy him. He seems well spoken and smart. And somehow always finds these awesome deals

  3. I love it when the expert tells them it’s not worth as much as they want to sell it for, but the seller still tries to sell it for more than the actual worth.

    1. @Boston Blue Collar Stiff yeah the Enugma guy is a fool. He added the value of his over inflated ego to the price of an old typewriter.

  4. Id like to see a whole stand up special with Rick just telling jokes but nobodys laughing but him.

    1. @doble jota he probably does he definitely sounds like a smoker lol

    1. Worth 16-8k he offers to sell at 12k giving plenty of room for him to make money but continues to try to hustle

  5. As an active duty soldier..the the first book, the “Blue Book”, as we call it, really shaped how we conduct drill and ceremony. It’s actually pretty amazing to see this!

  6. I love it when you can see exact moment people realize they’re not going to get as much as they expected for it.

    1. Only when they’re asking an unrealistic amount. The ones with fake “family heirlooms handed down through THREE entire generations” are sad. One time a woman brought in Great Aunt Millie’s antique spinning wheel with “Made In Japan” branded on it. No one in the family had ever noticed. OMG! But maybe they weren’t doing much spinning.

    2. Sometimes, like in this episode, you cant blame them. Rick really dropped the ball on the rifle and the enigma machine. Google how much theyre worth now.

    1. I love how Rick wants to get the book at a price he can make money off, and then says “I might keep this for myself.” Lol.

    2. @the silverreich they were at that time now they are more like the army they fought at the Alamo against

  7. I like when Rick always asks “What is this this?” Then proceeds to give history lessons and goes on and on … like the customer really cares

    1. Weird how he instantly knows so much about things he’s doesn’t even recognize; almost like he’s reading it off a TELEPROMPTER or something LOL.

  8. I miss the old man. Rick, Corey and chum must have been devastated when they lost him. He was so cool, his dry sense of humor and the jowels. One of a kind

  9. They should do episodes that show the entire process of pawning, and taking the item to auction to see how much they actually get for it

  10. I always find book hunter Adam and expert Rebecca really knowledgeable and interesting. The duo would make an interesting spin off series I feel.

  11. The way they always acted like they just had all this random, yet specific knowledge about literally every item that came in always made me laugh. whoever did the research and setup these deals did a great job writing the scrips for them.

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