Pawn Stars: An Original 1978 Superman Costume (Season 14) | History

Corey reveals his deep love for Superman films when an original costume from the 1978 film (and non-Kryptonite crystal) is brought into the store in this clip from "Up Up and Away!" .#PawnStars
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Pawn Stars
Season 14
Episode 6
Up Up and Away!

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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60 Comments on “Pawn Stars: An Original 1978 Superman Costume (Season 14) | History”

  1. Even if this is staged, I think it’s pretty educational. I think they sometimes bring these artifacts in, to show people that these pieces are still out there, and what it’s worth

    1. they probably own this suite and sell it themselfes under a different name, after the expert calls out the riddiculous price for them..

    2. It’s not actually staged. I mean… if you go to the store in Vegas you won’t probably find Rick, Corey and Chumlee. What happens is that whenever someone has something very interesting that they want to put in the show, they’ll come and do the negotiation in front of the cameras.

    1. Yeah for piece of nylon? Come on… Its worth it only for colector “freaks”… To me thats 250K that can be invested much better. (and people wonder why theres famine and poverty around the world…)

  2. Does anyone think he just brought that costume to the pawn stars because it’s a famous show watched by A LOT of viewers thus getting himself noticed and generate potential wealthy buyers??

    1. That’s be a really clever marketing strategy. Imagine all the collectors that are looking for him

    2. Well this video alone has 5 and a half million views…
      So I’d say he’s done a good job of it!

    3. of course, and pawnstars got a great episode out of it. Win win for both. Probably knew in advance he wouldn’t get asking.

    1. (Rick goes to a movie theater)

      “Hello sir, welcome to our theater. It will be 10 dollars for a ticket.”

      Rick: “Hmmm, I’m not sure the tickets are worth that. Let me call in my expert on movie ticket prices.

    2. @TheStapleGunKid I’ll give you $9 for the movie ticket. It’s the best I can do. I’m taking a huge risk here.

    3. who then looks for the tag with C Reeve & studio number, like no one else would think to look for a sew on tag

    1. I doubt it. Not much memorabilia goes for that much.

      Sure Super Man is a well known film, it doesn’t have the same cultural importance like other classic films.

    2. @Locutus I disagree. Superman was THE most relevant superhero movie ever and to this day it stood the test of time for many good reasons. 👍( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛👍)

    3. They usually sell for 100,000 but this one sold for 35,000, but a cape did sell a while back for 200,000 though. But it won’t be worth a million for another 20 to 30 years.

  3. Expert: I wouldn’t touch this with my hands
    Rick: I’ll get someone to help you carry it out *taps the costume*

  4. I love how he looks at it in awe, calls in an expert to confirm its authenticity, offers a terrible price, and once they say no he’s like “Hit me up if you change your mind.”

    1. I mean it’s a pawn shop, that’s how they make money.

      Other people have said it, the owner was probably just trying to advertise what he had. No practical reason he would take something worth so much, and wanted by many potential buyers, to be literally sold at a pawn shop

  5. I’d rather have the green crystal that formed the Fortress of Solitude. Seeing what that did was one of the coolest things I ever saw in a movie as a kid. It’d be the perfect set piece for a home, and that costume belongs in a museum.

    1. The final buyer of this costume was Batman for 300 grants. He burnt it immediately after and used the kryptonite crystal as a suppository!!

  6. i would shed a little tear of joy if i actualy saw this thing, its my favorite movie of all time, so i have seen the suit on film a million times

  7. He’s right that there was more than one suit made for the film. According to the late Christopher Reeve, there were about 25 of them made. Each one was for a different action, whether it was flying, walking, wire work, etc.

    1. He doesn’t have all these friends. The producers do. They seek out professionals and hire hem as part of the rotating cast. It’s a TV show. This is mostly fake.

  8. It was appraised at 250k and Rick offered 200k as an opening offer. That blew my mind. I was expecting him to offer 150k at most based on all the other clips I’ve seen.

    1. It was appraise at “A significant value in excess of $250,000” That’s a big difference from 250k

  9. The customer who owns the Superman outfit does have a great point. The costume itself is not only authentic, but it is the rarest one of them all that you can find, and it is completed with a full legal paperwork that says the suit is legit. And if Rick were to get his money back from the suit, he would have just resell it at an auction and without a doubt, he is walking home with half a million dollars and that’s double the money he is gonna get it back. I mean, it’s obvious that a lot of Superman fans would be crazy enough to empty their wallets just to own such memorabilia that is considered a great legacy for their collection.

  10. Last place you would take this is a Pawn Shop. This is something that would go to a top level auction house. This just feels like a set up staged for TV

  11. It’s absolutely AMAZING that Corey, Chum and Rick know random facts about every single thing that is brought in there. Somebody must play a lot of Trivial Pursuit

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