Pawn Stars: BIG BET for RIDICULOUSLY RARE Ancient Byzantine Coin (Season 8) | History

Rick bets big on an incredible gold coin from the Byzantine Empire, but when he gets it appraised realizes he might have made a big mistake, in this clip from Season 8, "Cold Hard Cash". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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53 Comments on “Pawn Stars: BIG BET for RIDICULOUSLY RARE Ancient Byzantine Coin (Season 8) | History”

    1. There’s one born every minute lol. In reality no pawnshop would hire Rick. Nobody wants a history lesson Everytime you bring a item to sell to this weirdo. Just good for tv

    2. Colin Sushiboy he doesn’t need to get hired. It’s his shop. It’s also a show on the history channel.

  1. YES who else loves it when Rick takes a gamble and loses yet he moans the most when the other do even if they made the right call

    1. He didn’t want to pass on that golden opportunity. He was really hoping to make mint. A costly error. A Byzantine error, I might add.

    1. I’ve seen it a few times and the seller knew what the coin was worth that’s why he was cool with $1100 lol

    2. It you watch this show enough you would have seen this coming i did, producers cater to the hate watchers.

    3. 100 bucks isnt really getting shorted more like a small loss the guy low balls thousands even tens of thousands at times i mean karma did strike but barely

  2. At least Rick is honest, he still let people know what is its real price on the market and wont sell it higher than the expert’s advise.

  3. Every couple of videos, I’ll come back and watch this one to feel better. It’s strange feeling so happy for someone else’s loss, or maybe I’m just happy for the dude bringing it in.

  4. Customer: I just thought I would get more since it’s 1000 years old, and it’s gold
    Rick: No, I wouldn’t be so sure. The market isn’t that big in the US.
    Customer: Alright, I will take the deal.
    Expert: It’s worth us between 800-1100.
    Rick: Well I thought it would be worth more you know, SINCE ITS 1000 YEARS OLD, AND ITS GOLD

    1. Yeah he means the customer won’t get that much…. He doesn’t pay market value… Obviously he’s not a collector

    2. @Darth Revan In the beginning he said that the price (retail) was probably around $1,100, and offered $700. Then turned around and offered $1,000 and even settled for $1,100. He basically screwed himself, and good.

    1. it sounds really mean, but it’s equally entertaining.

      What he said about a little knowledge being dangerous is really a good saying, he burned himself by thinking it was worth way more… just like many of their customers comming in wanting $501Billion for 1 of the kind item and walking out with at best $3.5 cause it wasn’t worth as much.

    2. @Silvercrypto2022 normally I’d agree, but I think Rick was trying to pull a fast one on an ignorant seller.

  5. I am a total novice when it comes to ancient coins, but as soon as I saw the coin I thought Rick should pay about $500-600 for it.

  6. I was always amazed at how little Rick new about so much. It was getting to the point of Chum lee being more knowledgeable and that was scary.

  7. Good news is that when people like him start paying more for items, and then people start refusing to sell them for less, as long as people still want to buy them, then the value does go up!

  8. I love how when Rick gets the bad news, he winds up falling back on the same arguments that he rejected from the seller – “It’s a gold coin”, “It’s a thousand years old”.

  9. The coin’s actually in pretty good condition, and it’s definitely one of the more “Imperial” looking coins. Constantine IX may have been a somewhat mediocre Emperor, but he understood the concept of looking impressive, and so his coins are not to be ignored. His portrait is a quintessential image of later Macedonian dynastic power. I would say that because most of the wording is intact, and the strike is pretty crisp (with a rather nice light patina), that this coin would actually fetch a higher price than what David suggests. I would probably value the coin on the higher end of his estimate — about $950-1000, so Rick wasn’t really that far off. His knowledge was in fact rather impressive here.

  10. A coin like this surviving a thousand or two thousand years and coming to this day is incredible

    1. I collect ancient coins and it’s amazing having coins 2000 years old plus. They’re all very under valued and easy to collect

  11. If I’m ever wanting to sell something to the store, I’m definitely visiting their experts first before talking to Ricky

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