Pawn Stars: Guitar Autographed by The Beatles | History

A woman brings in a guitar she insists was signed by all four of The Beatles in 1964 in this collection of scenes from "Ticket to Pawn."

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Pawn Stars
Season 16
Episode 11
Ticket to Pawn

"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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58 Comments on “Pawn Stars: Guitar Autographed by The Beatles | History”

  1. Although the deal fell through, she was immediately hired as Rick’s go to expert on felt pens.

  2. “I have this guitar signed by all the Beatles!”
    Rick: “best i can do is $3… and I’m taking a huge risk on that”

  3. I know the guy who forged those signatures as well.. he done awesome work on albums, he was downright a genius, because what he was doing wasn’t considered illegal.

  4. ı would die from heart attack after they say its fake. She was so calm. Rick did a good thing not taking the risk for the first time in his life

    1. You can tell if vintage signatures have a chance of being genuine.They have to feel right first of all and these don’t at all!

  5. Love how convinced she is that it is real. If it was real and you only wanted 100 grand they would bite your hand off.

  6. Absolutely hilarious! She was so convinced and positive, or had she just convinced herself that the more she believed it the more real it would be.

    1. I’m pretty sure she probably researched it herself just to make it was real, knowing that tid bit of information makes her even more full of herself

    1. She still tells people. Comes into the supermarket I work at and can hear her regularly tell others about it

  7. After 1963 it was incredibly rare that all four signed the same item. If you knew them or were in some circumstance where they were together and felt it was important to sign for you, maybe. Mal and Neil would sign most stuff for them after 1963. As John said “I don’t have enough pens”.

  8. She must have been told before that it was fake. She jumped in very quickly with all the knowledge regarding felt pens.

  9. Wow, she was heart broken! All those years she would show everyone that guitar sinned by them. She probably really needed the money at this point.

    These experts are incredible, amazing how they study many different artists.

  10. I actually know a woman who had piece of their memorabilia signed by all 4 of them. They were at a radio station in New York City and if you won some raffle you’d get a small 5×7 picture of them. Sure enough she won it and went to the radio station to pick up her prize and sold it for 30K at an auction years later.

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