Pawn Stars: HIGH VALUE RARE LOOT: World of Warcraft Frostmourne Sword (Season 17) | History

Chum and Rick wield their powers of negotiation to get a fair price for a rare S-Tier item from World of Warcraft, in this clip from Season 17, "Gold (& Silver) Digger". #PawnStars

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74 Comments on “Pawn Stars: HIGH VALUE RARE LOOT: World of Warcraft Frostmourne Sword (Season 17) | History”

  1. The guy must have been desperate for money. Otherwise he could have just hold on to it and sell it online for at least 5-7K. I bet Rick sold it two days later for at least 3-4K… if not double that much.

  2. I actually feel really sad for the seller. This obviously meant something to him and he just let it go so easily. Do what you love guys and hold onto all your possessions. It’s good to tell all your tales in your lifetime.

    1. It takes a lot of space, he probably has other priorities… Let go of the past, you don’t have to keep who you used to be around all the time. It’s therapeutic to have less.

    2. Giving something up is the most powerful thing you can do especially if you’re attatched. Freedom comes from being able to let go

    1. Don’t be, it’s a show, the dude probably still have his sword, I know gamers can’t be so dumb, they’re actors

    1. if he’s the “expert” then he would never sell that sword for less than 2k$, turns out he lost alot of fking money on that horrible deal

    1. One sword sold for 20k and in 2008 so it is safe to assume that the sword was used in promotional campaigns and sold at a charity auction after the release of Wrath of the Lich King expansion that very same year… THAT piece was unique. Not this one…

  3. I definitely wouldn’t have sold it even for 5,000, that’s a finely crafted piece and time holds it’s value ✌

  4. Imagine taking a sword like that back in time to medieval times, I wonder what they would think/say about it

    1. Medieval times, they had plenty of swords which served aesthetics over function. It would be a top tier sword for it’s looks for certain.

    2. It would be useless. They’d seriously ask who crafted so they could avoid. Mostly because its so unbalanced at the hilt and totally over the top. The metal quality might interest them. I mean it looks cool, i can see how a teen boy looks at it and thinks Awesome, but as a practical design its garbage. However bring me a GoT replica or a LotR replica and yeah, medieval guys would be very impressed.

    3. You hit that Cheap Chinese crap aginst a real sword and the soft stamped sheat metal blade Will bend over or break not to mention the decorative soft cast pewter guard and hilt would fall apart from vibrations of use… It’s literally worthless garbage

  5. Its amazing when rick tells every time ‘its gonna sit there for a while’ how fast the customer agrees to her ridiculous low price every time🤣

  6. Probably the only reality show where I 100% do not mind the scripted parts. How cool it would be to work there with Rick and the dudes.

  7. As a gamer and a World of Warcraft fan knowing the fact that he selling that sword breaks my heart on so many levels.

    1. I would literally never sell this sword honestly. Unless a lot of money is on the line. As long as I can get another replica.

  8. The moment when the owner accepts the selling price of $750 offends me as a Warcraft 3 enjoyer.Its a sacrilege to king Arthas and its definitely worth more than $750

  9. As someone who has played wow and games before that, if I had that sword, I wouldn’t sell it even for 5k. Just sentimental values. Even though I don’t own it, I felt terrible seeing it being sold, especially for that cheap. 😐

    1. you can buy one from the manufacturer Epic Swords new for less than $300, if you wanted one. in this case the dude got a good deal

    2. @Jeff Kaz Those are cheap replicas, the one in the video was originally crafted. the company that made the sword in the video went out of business years ago.

  10. arguably the best / coolest looking sword in video game history, also has a great backstory behind it & Arthas was an amazing end boss.

  11. I honestly can’t truly tell if it’s real or a replica, but still it looks incredible, I wouldn’t of sold it. I would of been happy to hang it up in my studio. Even as a replica, cmon it’s friggin frostmourne !!

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