Pawn Stars: *HOLY MOLY DEALS* (6 Expensive Religious Items) | History

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The Pawn Stars appraise 6 of the rarest religious items to ever come through the shop, in this Pawn Stars compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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80 Comments on “Pawn Stars: *HOLY MOLY DEALS* (6 Expensive Religious Items) | History”

  1. Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, returning soon, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at

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  2. Honestly I wouldn’t mind an entire series of just Adam going around to random obscure places trying to find rare books. He’s one of my favorite characters.

    1. I agree! I stumbled on an interview with him and he is really just like you see here, a book nerd and just seems like a nice guy.

    1. Never mix appraiser with broker. If you want a good example, go look up The deal of the century, where RJ williams took EVERYONE he dealt with for a ride.

    2. Would still cost a lot Rebecca would want commission or it would be put on consignment plus there’s the fact it could take months even years to even set up a deal

    3. @Denis Elis don’t think there’s many collectors who would spend 80k on a leaf from the bible, so you have to find them advertising costs money and takes time and I don’t know but reckon Rebecca would want 10% minimum he got 47k instantly rather than 60-65k in a year

  3. Customer: “I have the nails that held Jesus to the cross”
    Rick: “I don’t know if these are real or not…let me call in an expert”
    *Jesus walks in*

  4. Everyone talks about Rick’s low offers but no one ever talks about the times when Rick tells sellers that if the items are real that they’re worth ALOT more than what they are asking for.

    1. They do and he does. Those prices are also for ideal auction settings. Yeah he low balls and hopes to sell above 20% at the same time he wants to move his merchandise not sit on it for ever.

    2. @JB I don’t think you understand what i mean.
      I mean he gets flamed in the comments for lowballing like he only cares about making huge bank but no one ever mentions the times people bring something in and ask for a grand on the item and Rick tells them that if the item is genuine it’s worth 10k.
      I mean if he was an ahole he could just keep quiet and pay a grand for it.
      Instead you explain to me how a pawnshop works, i know how those work 😑

    3. That’s right and it’s essentially the only reason why I watch this. If these guys were real scammers instead of good businessmen and negotiators, I would be disgusted and not watch.

    4. @askthepizzaguy but they are real scammers, they only act nice on tv. If they were nice people they wouldntve opened a pawn shop in the first place. Especially Vegas!

    5. @Krzysztof Zukowski The shop is actually split in two, the actual pawnshop (not a nice place) and the part you see on television. this is all actors and borrowed stuff.

  5. The seller of the pope shoes : wearing gloves and being very careful when revealing the shoes

    The expert: casually grab the shoes with bare hands like it’s his own missing shoes

    1. Plus gloves are considered more hazardous to fabrics and shoes (usually) because it lessens your sense of touch and makes rips a d tears more likely.

  6. Adam: “men have been known to do a lot of things for women.”

    Oh you mean like buying a bunch of rare books just to hang with Rebecca?

    1. A Netflix rom com of Adam and Rebecca he only brought books so he could see her spend time with her then they fall in love…

    2. I want 4000 dollars.. Ok ill give you 1000 dollars for it.. oh Rebecca is here, 800 dollars and you can talk with Rebecca

  7. It’s such fun to see Rick’s eyes sparkle when he had that book in his hands. NO WAY could he resist it!
    Bruno’s understanding of science and the stars was so far ahead of his time that if he lived today his writings would be considered speculative fiction. Giordano Bruno was the Gene Roddenberry of the sixteenth century, and his theories of our place in the universe were most unwelcome to the authorities.
    Which makes his books even more desirable! The idea that “god” could be threatened by the writings of one humble Dominican friar says more about the Church of Rome than the church might wish, and banning them presented a challenge few who valued knowledge could resist.

  8. I would love to see an episode where we find out how much some of there high price items sold for

  9. Adam needs his own TV show. Seems like he just travels around the world looking for rare books; I’d definitely watch that show.

  10. If Rick just straight up read Latin into smooth english off the cuff like that, and it wasn’t scripted, serious props. I get the sense he’s a lot more intelligent/knowledgeable/intellectual than the show portrays

    1. @Deplorable Dave Caught in 4k 82k ultra I9 10980XE 4.6GHz & intel core i7 10700K 5.0GHz THREE nvidia RTX 3090s flat screen tv 66 inches curvy

    2. @Deplorable Dave ur like the average 6 yr old, believing whatever they want to believe. hey mom, do you have money bc u gamble? got it

  11. I’ve seen adam in couple episodes and he showcase a really good attitude unlike those people who walks in and had a mindset that if it looks old then it’s worth something. Haha

  12. I love how Chum doesn’t even disagree that he can’t run the shop and is incompetent. He just nods in agreement, lol.

  13. I’m convinced Adam is a time traveler, he’s always got the most exquisite collections from back then

    1. I’m convinced that the bible consider his way of life is a sin lol. Ironic that he brought this in 🙂

  14. I honestly think Rick gives pretty fair prices. He tells you the retail price for the items and how much he is willing to pay. If you don’t like it then go find someone to buy it for retail. He literally gets the appraisal and has 40 employees plus is a business. He’s not saying to lowball the appraisal and then rip people off with his offers.

    1. @StingrayOnXbox so? He’s not forcing people to sell to him. Also they’re getting paid for being on the show even if they don’t sell stuff to him

  15. I love how Rick always has to say a “joke”, but in reality it is just either a fact or something that makes him laugh… Doesn’t matter whether we get it or not.

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