Pawn Stars: HUGE PRICE TAG for BLINGED OUT Liberace Medallion (Season 9)

Bling, Bling! Rick appraises a rare Liberace Medallion, in this clip from Season 9, "Whodunit?"

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

61 Comments on “Pawn Stars: HUGE PRICE TAG for BLINGED OUT Liberace Medallion (Season 9)”

    1. Everytime Rick doesnt bring in an expert, I believe that he doesnt do it because Rick already knows its worth and having an expert disclose it to the customer, would force Rick pay more than he would like to.

  1. I think the value of that peice is in line with what the customer was asking… Rick’s offer was only about $1,000 over scrap value

    1. That’s probably true… but it’s still a Pawn Shop. That’s just how any Pawn Shop owner will negotiate. The only time Rick pushes his offers up is when he’s looking at it as an investment for his own collection. If you really try to put yourself in Rick’s shoes… he has to always assume it wont sell. The only time he doesn’t worry about that is when an item is undoubtedly hot. Liberace doesn’t exactly have many fans walking around… at least without their grandson holding their arm, haha!

    2. @Wyn Williams wow! ,his offer was in line without any providence, its probably 15k just to buy one of these

    3. @silence humility calmness it had a ton of provenance… And yes the whole is worth more then the parts in cases like that

    4. The amount of good looking diamonds seems more than $3K value itself imo – rings with fewer sell for more eg engagement rings

  2. I love how he says, “I could already see it in a display case, with a big fat price tag” but only offered 10K..🤣

    1. “Only offered 10K” let’s see you offer $10K for an old piece of jewelry 🤣 That’s a lot of money for any jewelry that isn’t a Rolex or ancient artifact.

    2. @TonyisToking I’ve literally heard them say, “It’d be worth more if you had a picture of them wearing it.” Or, “If they were famous in Vegas, it’d be better in my shop.” This guy had both lol and Rick still tried to stiff him😅

    3. I’m glad the man didn’t accept that offer…they where gonna offer it for sell at 20-50k in the pawn shop….smh

    4. @Humble But Clowny, Rick tried to buy it without the Liberace provenance. But rest assured he would have included the Liberace provenance in his sell price.

  3. I love when someone brings in everything properly to prove it’s real, Rick never brings in someone to say it’s value cause that’s when Rick tries to low ball someone dramatically

  4. Every time he starts to explain all the details of the item to the customer I always have to say And here he goes with the history lesson again

  5. Back in the 80’s my brother took our mother to Las Vegas, and they went to see Liberace. She was so thrilled when he came off stage and approached my mother, he asked her if she had any requests, and she said, can I dust your piano? Cracked me up.

    1. Right! You don’t want to feel humiliation on television because you overpayed big time for a golden POS.

    1. I’m sure if the guy took it to an auction house (like where he bought it from) he should get much better offers, especially if it was sold under like music memorabilia.

    2. It’s smart but the fact that he didn’t say means that he got it for less. No point paying over the price he bought it for at auction unless the items price will keep increasing

    3. “C’mon, you paid $1 for it in a thrift shop”

      That’s nice Rick, it’s still worth what it’s worth. So many bad negotiators out there…

  6. For those commenting that he didn’t even offer scrap value, he said about 3k in gold, 3k in dismonds. So he added 4k to it for the design/collectible value. If you’ve ever been to a pawn shop other than this one, most of the time they will ONLY offer scrap value, or a smidge above if it’s an intricately made piece

    1. And that is my main riddle I got with this show, which I love to watch btw. Why do people come here. If they can sell it full price on ebay or anything like that.

    2. @masterfu0 because you’ll sit on it forever waiting for the right guy to come through and pay whatever you want, and if its too much no one ever will. You can walk into his shop and get offers for a lot of money and let him worry about it. Thats what pawn shops are.

  7. I did my own research on this piece and I believe after my research that it’s not a hard item to sell at a price tag of 80k
    This is a demanded item to collectors

    1. This episode is from 2014. The price of everything has shot up from inflation in the last 5 years alone

    2. @Thomas Lucas and I see three ranging from 12k to 23k. Really similar to the one in the show

  8. Greetings from all my heart to all the experts in all the specialties that you host. I wish them health, safety, success and progress in their work. With great thanks and respect.

  9. Every time Rick doesn’t call an expert, he knows he can screw the seller!!! Good that the guy didn’t sell that piece!!!

    1. Yeah

      10k for something with that many ounces of gold and jewels that they have the providence it was worn frequently on-stage by a famous musician is definitely a lowball.

  10. I love how the most watched moment isn’t the price reveal or the deal made… But the guy dropping a sword in the back.

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