Pawn Stars: INCREDIBLY RARE FEDERAL CURRENCY (Season 13) | History

The owner of a gold certificate and federal reserve note wants the exact appraised value and that deal just doesn't make sense for Rick in this clip from Season 13, "Killer Pawn." #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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56 Comments on “Pawn Stars: INCREDIBLY RARE FEDERAL CURRENCY (Season 13) | History”

  1. Guy: “$40,000 is the least I would sell them for”
    2 minutes later
    Rick: “I’ll give you $35k”
    Guy: “deal”

    1. @SugarRay2 exept the buyer pays the fees at some of them and the guy is selling them and they could bring more depends on the day and who’s there but never less bc they have a min bid

  2. It always amazes me that this so called expert touches “incredibly rare” currency worth $50K with his bare hands…

    1. If your hands are forensically clean it shouldn’t be a problem. Wash your hands and check under a UV light, and repeat the process until you can’t see any more dirt. It’s the same thing nurses need to do.

  3. In case you’re wondering why he isn’t wearing gloves. When dealing with fragile paper and books you typically would wash your hands and not use gloves because the gloves would leave residue behind. People used to use gloves but now it is accepted that it’s actually worse so now washing your hands is the standard.

    1. @Kevin Myers well you can usually tell by just looking at fake paper Bill’s lol, the print always looks different in some type of way, either stretched or smooshed a little bit and the edges feather and tear WAY more that an official note, idk how good people are at making false notes nowadays but theres always some type of hidden image on US Federal Reserve notes that you can only see when you hold it up to a light…those are extremely hard to fake that’s why the higher the value gets the crazier the design is the littlest mistake on a fake bills design can blow its cover

    1. I was thinking the same thing… old but PRISTINE looking paper, and the guy flicks his oily fingers all over it.

    2. @Fister of Muppets more people who know nothing about the area and think they know better than people who do this professionally.

      that is CURRENCY. it’s not a leaf from the Gutenberg bible or some ancient book made from extremely delicate, poor paper. it was designed to be handled by humans hands consistently and survive wear and tear.

      will it still degrade over time? of course, but touching it with your fingertips for 25 seconds is not going to cause any sort of noticeable degradation. do you think our fingers are literally dripping with oil or something? is your cellphone slimey and slick from you holding it all the time?

      wearing gloves can remove the tactile sensation while handling paper, causing you to exert too much force and possible damage it. MANY experts advise not using gloves when handling paper artifacts. simply clean your hands well beforehand and don’t make contact for prolonged periods. it’s not hard.

    3. Not sure if he is an expert or a depraiser they were worth 50,000 before he put his cheeseburger hands all over them. Now there 40,000.

  4. Anybody else SHOCKED at Rick’s first offer of $35,000?

    I was expecting, “I can give you $10,000.”

    1. Not really, these notes are really rare, as of now there are only about 70 – 50 left in existence. The demand is over the top.

    2. I was expecting 25,000 to 30,000 to be Rick’s first offer but yeah I think he wanted the bills a little more and didn’t want to lose them. Especially for their rarity.

  5. I am blown away how much Rick knows about what seems like everything, his knowledge on how many old the 500 dollar gold notes exist on earth for example is amazing. Then someone shows up with pokemon and he can’t even say it hahahahah

    1. @BlackQueenNetwork No, it’s that Rick is a pawnbroker and these notes are highly valuable.

      people that deal in buying and selling for a living tend to, you know. keep track of valuable items and their relative stats, especially in areas they do a lot of trading in(like currency)

      Rick has been doing this for decades, of course he’s going to have basic working knowledge of stuff like this. it doesn’t need to be scripted to make it believable that he’d be able to recognize very valuable items.

    2. It’s a tv show they tell him all about the item people are bringing in before they bring it in so he knows what to say

    1. I’m sure it was already sold at that point and this was a scripted recreation of the deal like normal. There’s no way that seller would let someone touch those notes with bare oily hands without knowing if he was going to be keeping them or not

    1. Not really, because you can exchange it for gold

    2. @ 𝑻 𝑨 𝑪 𝑻 𝑰 𝑪 𝑨 𝑳 𝑻 𝑹 𝑼 𝑪 𝑲 𝑬 𝑹®️ glass stegal act stopped that

  6. Love how the expert squeezes the plastic currency holder to pick it up, potentially creating a bend in the note. Would have been easier and safer to use a fingernail to gently lift it up. Takes it out of the holder, talks over it, bits of saliva land on it, oils on the fingers are pressed into the paper. Never do this with rare stamps or photographs either.

  7. I got so much knowledge and education from this amazing show! Rick is a very genius person!

  8. One of the only times Rick offered his customer a price that’s fair and actually makes sense 😂😂

  9. Really cool notes. Dude got pretty close to what he wanted. Was fun to watch. Great video

  10. I’ve always loved this show. Watched it for years. The fact tho that people wanna take in anything, let alone highly valuable objects and think they’re gonna get what they want….. That’s hysterical 😁

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