Pawn Stars: “NOT A PENNY MORE!” (9 of Rick’s Toughest Negotiations) | History

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"Not a penny more," says Rick! Watch Rick put his foot down and not give an inch when negotiating for 9 rare and high value items in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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78 Comments on “Pawn Stars: “NOT A PENNY MORE!” (9 of Rick’s Toughest Negotiations) | History”

  1. Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, Mondays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

  2. Owner: “ My grandfather said ALWAYS keep it”. Also Owner: At a Pawn shop trying to sell it.

    1. That part killed me! Your grandfather specifically said never to sell this coin. It is a family heirloom he passed on to you…. why the f*** would you hock it at some Las Vegas pawn shop?!?

  3. Robber: give me all your money

    Rick: best I can do is 2 bucks that’s my final offer not a penny more.

    1. Rick : I can understand but I have to get out from the shop, Get a taxi, file a police report .. its going to cost me a lot of money . It’s a huge gamble

  4. I would honestly keep that coin, with the fact that they offered about half the value, and the story behind it, I could never get rid of something with a backstory

  5. This is always a very educational and humorous program. Very impressed with the excellent bargaining that always happens as well as the personalities. Excellent medium for these short meetings.

  6. Rick’s wife: I’d like 8 inches.
    Rick: The best I can do is 4 and not an inch more. I’m taking all the risk here.

  7. It’ll be funny to see rick say “not a penny more” and the customer literally asks for a penny more.

    1. I’m sure he would have been happy to give a penny. Now a cent he probably wouldn’t have. American money is 1 cent. The people across the pond use 1 penny.

    2. @TEXAN4LIFE Most Americans use penny as well & its no surprise since this country was founded by primarily englishmen who broke off from the crown

    3. It would be even funnier if afterwords the customer turned down the deal because rick lied about not giving him a penny more lol

  8. I kinda love that mark won’t give a value on anything because he loves history so much! We need more in the world to care about our history before it dies forever

    1. That’s not why he won’t put a price on items he evaluates. He’s said more than once that he doesn’t put a price on things because he’s from a museum mindset, not an appraiser.

    2. @Scott Kendrix Yeah, to actually determine value, you would need to be up to date and familiar with markets, as well being able to appraise the item.

  9. A really good thing is that they seem to always pay cash money and not some “digital money”, big respect to the Pawn Shop for that!

  10. I’ve always wanted to see someone with the balls to ask for a penny more when Rick says “not a penny more”.

  11. In 6:06, I love it when Pa just like the real boss in the shop immediately said ‘No’ before his son. May his soul be resting in peace.

  12. It’s amazing what a production team researcher can find out about all these items… and pass it on to Rick and the others, so the show can edit it and make it look like the owners are so wise 🤣

    1. It’s a history show. It’s filmed and edited as a reality show, but it’s mostly staged and scripted. The show is still awesome though.

    2. It’s a pawn shop that deals with historic items that’s been open for 20+ years. I would think after that amount of time, the people working there would know a thing or two about the majority of items coming in. Not everybody is as uneducated as you 😂

    1. Rick cracks me up.
      When hes buying something of historical significance its “oh not alot of people know what it is so heres my lowball offer”
      When hes selling something of historical significance its “oh this was literally a sword from the 18th century Im asking $45,000”

      How so convenient 🙄

  13. Fun fact about Pawn Stars:
    Whenever someone comes into the shop with something really cool, Rick will ask them if they wanna be in an episode and give them a date to come back on. This is done so that they can coach the seller into how to act in front of a TV camera and to avoid other issues. When they are filming the shop is closed and the place is flushed of everybody except the extras.

    1. And the guy that comes in to check the authenticity seems to give a lower price then what It’s actually worth to make them more money, that coin goes for around 50k

  14. Greetings from all my heart to all the experts in all the specialties that you host. I wish them health, safety, success and progress in their work. With great thanks and respect.

  15. I just love when they call in the experts to examine the items in question and they verify that they are indeed legit, makes me so giddy. 😆

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