Pawn Stars: RARE GEM WORTH BIG MONEY (Season 8) | History

Rick drives a hard bargain for Davey's stunning – and expensive – Kunzite gem, in this scene from Season 8 , "Bad to the Bone". #PawnStars
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83 Comments on “Pawn Stars: RARE GEM WORTH BIG MONEY (Season 8) | History”

    1. It is a pawnshop, no one walks into a pawn shop willing to pay full retail. So the person would probably pay 9k and Rick payed 6.5k. He is only making 2,500 and then he has to pay 33% tax on that. I wouldn’t invest 6.5 to make less than 2.

    2. @Caleb Paddack yeah but hes also a millionaire with a lot of rich people that love buying from him. Plus he probably puts them up online on ebay or high-end auction sites.

    1. @Robert Lee you can auction it on Sotheby’s or possibly Christie’s and he could millions of dollars because it’s a rare type of gem

    2. @Robert Lee how could you know if you don’t auction it, most gems rarer than diamond can still fetch millions, Diamond is a scam industrial gem almost worthless, yet it still raked in millions of dollars at auctions LOL

    3. @Robert Lee as long as it is rare it could sell more money at auctions than this, even in this it was fetch for $6.5K , where it should be cost more than that, why should i google it??, not all things presented in google should be considered LOL

    1. Aldo Apache yeah but you can’t just rip someone off. Tho I think other dude knew the true value of the diamond and still decided to sell it, so he’s just as much responsible.

    2. When bottom retail is 9600…6500 is not “doing the dirty” at all. Clearly, you have never run a business.

    3. Rick didn’t “do” anything to him. He made him an offer, which the guy was free to refuse. If the guy wants more money, he should see if he can find someone else who will pay more. You will never get high money for anything at a pawn shop. Remember, the pawn shop DOESN’T WANT IT. They are in business to resell it. They DON’T CARE about your stupid [insert here] item. Seriously. They don’t care. If you want to sell it for a lot, sell it to someone like a collector who really DOES want it and is interested in it. That’s exactly what Rick is gonna do.

      I don’t understand why people always badmouth pawn shops. If you don’t want a middle man who is going to buy low, do the work to find the right buyer, and sell high, then WHY DID YOU TAKE IT TO A MIDDLE MAN??? That’s what a pawn shop is!!

    1. My family has a super rare gem that cost so much and is very important for our generations!!

      This guy: Imma sell it for $15,000 and buy only beer with it. WeLl SpEnT

    2. Fuert Neigt If it’s scripted, then they should have there be situations where Rick offers them more than what they ask, they’re thrilled to hear Rick’s offer, and then accept the offer rather than continue to haggle the price. Also, if they sell the items for real, but the amount that they get is scripted, then there should be behind the scenes footage where it shows how things really went and what they really got for it. Maybe it’s not as fake as you think it is.

    1. Thats actually fair for a pawn shop, Rick is right that gem will sit for a long time, very few people will buy that thing

    2. So realistically, the bigger the stone the bigger the premium per karat, this stone happens to be the biggest so $60 a karat can be asked, Rick based his appraisal on tiny stones which do fetch $30/karat. This is a $20,000 gem.

  1. I literally burst out laughing when rick said 5 grand and the camera showed the silence and shock on Davey’s face.

  2. As someone who collects crystals and gems, the deal they made really wasn’t terrible. Kunzite is indeed a highly valuable stone, but it’s not really the rarest either and can be found in pretty big chunks. Given that it’s a pawn shop, it really would take a very specific buyer who probably won’t be paying 15k anyways.

    1. If someone bought it off Rick for 20gs then the guy wanted it bad enough to pay that price. It doesn’t mean that piece is actually worth that much. Rick didn’t screw anyone because the seller and buyer agreed on the price.

    1. That’s Davey Deals the used car king of Vegas. Where his reputation is his guarantee. That gem has been his family heirloom for about 15 minutes before he brought it to the pawnshop.

  3. Kunzite isn’t exactly easy to sell in the best of cases… The main problem is, even if the stone is worn at night, it will still eventually fade from other UV light sources. It is also quite soft, so abrasions/wear can be an issue too.

    1. @Jack Kanoff There is a term “Manifest Destiny” now although im not sure the actual definition holds up. But there have been thousands of studies where the placebo had the same effect as the real deal because they believed it was so thoroughly that it changed something physiological. Do with that what you will.

  4. I like the face Rick makes when he doesn’t want to miss out but at the same time doesn’t want to pay the money lol

  5. Lol I was going to say that these CEOs constantly jump jobs but you said it at the start. Its rules for the workers but not for them.

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