Pawn Stars: RARE PISTOLS WORTH A TON OF MONEY (Season 17) | History

When a seller brings in a pair of antique crutches with pistols built into them, it takes a trip to the gun range to appraise them, in this clip from Season 17, "Silver, Slots & Robots". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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61 Comments on “Pawn Stars: RARE PISTOLS WORTH A TON OF MONEY (Season 17) | History”

    1. He is definitely a character, a good one!

      They should do an episode with just him in it. I think he would be great to watch with his enthusiasm!

  1. Insane, Those are probably one of a kind items and the workmanship to get those integrated into the crutches looks first rate. Although the seller didn’t know what they are worth he probably paid $500 and got 15k Oh and a nice check for the IRS.

  2. These are probably some of the most unique Blackpowder pistols that I have ever seen, I’ve owned three of them and this is awesome

  3. My gosh these things are unbelievable they have spring shoulders on them you can see it perfect at 5:05. That would have taken the very low recoil. I would love to have these.

  4. Kind of makes me sad to see them getting so old and the old man gone. I remember watching this with my daughter back when she was 1. She’s 10 now. Man how time flies. 😓

  5. Expert: “it’s worth $185,000”
    Rick: “I’ll give you $1,500, I need to make some money from this”

    1. @LaserDisc is Awesome And it’s gonna sit there for God knows how long…Rick should offer 10 dollars

    2. ive been watching this show a LONG time, never once seen Rick gouge someone to that extreme. failed joke, try again.

  6. I was actually surprised that they fetched 15 000. Seems no more than curiosity item. Will not look too great as a wall hangers either. I wonder if they managed to sell them already.

  7. This was one of the funnest clips I’ve seen and Rick barely lowballed the guy at all.

    Everyone walked away better off and a little happier than when they walked in.

    Cool clip

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