Pawn Stars: SHIPWRECK TREASURE is Worth Its Weight in Gold! (Season 2) | History

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Rick calls in an expert to examine a gold bar that might be an extremely valuable treasure from an old shipwreck, in this clip from Season 2, "Gold Diggers." #PawnStars
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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72 Comments on “Pawn Stars: SHIPWRECK TREASURE is Worth Its Weight in Gold! (Season 2) | History”

    1. @714milky saying “ she’s got that treasure treasure” is exactly what that person was trying to get across .. go outside a little lol

  1. This is one of those cases where they did pretty right by this guy. Sure he could try to sell it on his own, but it’s not that easy. The guy could have wound up with 24K, but instead 11K over and the Rickster will hopefully make a nice chunk all said and done.

    1. Agreed, try taking that gold bar into the grocery store and buy food. Now he has a stack of good ole green backs.

    2. Not hard to find a collector. That is not going in a showcase, Rick will make 1 call and probably get $75g’s.

  2. Let’s be honest here. Everyone’s favourite part of the video is when he “calls a buddy of his”

  3. Rick: “How much do you want for it?”
    Customer: ”Well if it’s worth 48, I want 48”
    Rick: “No.”

    1. @Jose jr it’s annoying when sellers think they can actually charge the price at which the expert values it.

    2. @kabouterwesley83 yea that too, but i think for this instance a gold bat from a shipwreck is definitely worth what its valued and possibly more

  4. It’s about time someone posted this clip. This was one of the most memorable items ever brought into the shop.

  5. Corey’s physical transformation from those early days is quite remarkable and he deserves kudos for for making the necessary changes to be more fit and healthy. Kudos Corey!

    1. Same with Chum! I know they’re portrayed as snobs in the show, but that couldn’t be further.
      I commend them both for getting in shape

  6. I would have held onto this gold bar until I truly know of its origin and value. I think the seller was way too anxious about selling the gold without really thinking it through. It is already confirmed by an expert that it is from a shipwreck which like the expert said changes the value significantly.

    1. Maybe seller is broke and need fast cash. But your smart holding and doing research is best. Maybe it is worth 70K

    2. Yea I have held onto crap for years just hoping they would be worth something. And none of it has value. Get rid of it when you can and make a buck and clear up some much needed space

  7. Instant gratification! I would have kept it and done my due diligence to discover the true collector value.

  8. Wow, absolutely brilliant idea you have shown us today. Thanks for sharing your story with us that watch your informative channel. Outstanding job sir.

  9. This item is called a fingerbar in the trade. They were made to be as long as a typical forearm, but very few complete ones have ever been found. They’re usually cut into halves or even small pieces (probably used in smaller transactions). Most likely this partial fingerbar was discovered in the 80s by Mel Fisher. Numerous fingerbars, even a few complete ones, large money chains, ornate money chains, emeralds, gold dubloons, and ship artifacts have been found in recent decades. Ships would often crash into coral reefs and they decomposed in shallow waters, making it possible for those bars/coins to either be found in shallow water or for hurricanes to deposit them on the beach. Even in the last decade, metal detectorists have occasionally found long gold chains (called money chains) from the 1700s Spanish Fleet as well as coins. The bars are probably the hardest items to find being that they are heavier than coins and chains. It’s very possible tho. This thing is real. Note that the expert’s name is Mel and he only showed up this 1 time in show history. He was probably a relative of Mel Fischer who actually owned the bar and lent it to the show to use on camera.

  10. 35k is a fair price for this. Keep in mind that even if Rick sold it at 50k an auction the auction house takes around 20-30% of the value depending on the contract he has with them so he put a ton of risk for that.

    1. Rick wouldn’t sell it at auction he has a store plus contacts, he just uses that to get a lower price

    2. Not only will he never auction this off, I have NEVER seen an auction house that charges the seller a fee anything close to that.

  11. Is it just me or did Rick start becoming more fair and reasonable? Just seems like a small but pleasant change!

    1. at times he is but not always, his son is terrible sometimes, he bought a fender, told the guy it take awhile to get rid of, the next day he took it to his buddy and sold it for more than triple

  12. The energy and just curiosity of this segment makes me smile. It’s not every day you get to see sunken treasure. That’s just to freaking cool, man.

    1. Yeah, even from something that is in possession before the 1930s because of… well what Rick just said earlier.

  13. I’m surprised they didn’t weight it (or at least they didn’t show that part) and rapidly jumped into saying it’s worth $24K then settling for $35K. This piece could’ve been worth a lot more, not only for its weight, but because it’s a very unique, potentially highly collectible piece.

    1. I wonder how much Rick sold it for. The part where he says. People pay a lot. Trust me, A LOT! Made me think he’s probably going to make a quarter of a million or something on it.

    2. It could be staged. Plenty of the videos are real but alot of staged ones as well. This could definitely be one of them.

    3. @TheMrTipZy I’ve had a friend appear on the show, while the meeting is indeed staged the potential deal is totally at he discretion of buyer and seller.

  14. I love when the sellers hear the value of their item and start cheering but they’re not gonna get no where near that lol

  15. Honestly He was very reasonable with the guy selling it. He didn’t even know what he had, other pawn shops would have just given him the gold value

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