Rick would love to have the scarface silver dollar in his shop, but the owner knows what this collectible coin is worth in this clip from Season 17, "A Bombsight For Sore Eyes". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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52 Comments on “Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE SCARFACE SILVER DOLLAR COIN (Season 17) | History”

  1. The guy’s look when the appraiser said 7000 , was worth a million bucks. I thought he wanted to choke with the coin.

    1. Source? 2 sold for 7050 each or a pair? What grades? This coin was professionally graded mint state 63. There are youtube vids on this coin going over $18000

  2. I love when Rick doesn’t get the chance to rip another person off. Great job not selling for $4500!

    1. Anthony Claybourne you don’t understand how pawn shops work. Go to any pawnshop and see if they give you 70% value of the item, it won’t happen. It’s for people who need cash now. You don’t get top dollar selling to a reseller.

    2. @the big cheese a pawn shop doesn’t rip people off, it’s designed for fast cash. They don’t care about the story of the object or what you feel. It’s usually 60% off what it’s worth. Then it’s up to you to take or leave the offer. No ripping people off

    3. Consider these pawn shop owners have national coverage and multiple galleries, large clientele. Money isn’t a problem in the show, it’s how they can tell the story with money remaining important.

    4. Also pawn shops offer close to 30% what they could get. Go to a pawn shop and get 60% lol. I’d love to hear how a pawn shop overpaid on something legit.

  3. He did the right thing, passing on that offer. He would have better luck posting it on eBay, stopping in at a coin shop or selling it through an auction house.

    1. He’s rightfully skeptical of people trying to low-ball him and is likely of a personality type that is more inclined to be skeptical of others’ intentions.

  4. I like it when they start telling about the coins, as if they know everything and at the end of it is the magic word “ let me call my friend who knows about this” 😂

  5. Just ONCE I would love to see and hear a customer/seller say ” I have a friend who knows all about this, wait a few mins and I’ll have him over here.”

    1. im sure he wouldnt allow it because his friend is there to rip you off. in a few minutes too. almost as if someone is putting on a costume in the back.

    2. Yeah why go to a pawnshop when you already have a friend who knows about it and probably knows people who will crazy idea but funny

    3. Rick doesn’t owe the guy anything. If he wants to sell it Rick has to be happy with the price which is why he calls experts he knows. If the seller doesn’t trust Rick and his expert than too bad and he can go elsewhere.

    1. Fair but Rick has brought in experts that have valued items more than what the customer was looking for. If you’re coming to a pawn shop expect to be lowballed and you should know market rate for the item you’re selling.

  6. The one thing I love the most about pawn stars beside their honesty is the things that they teach you.

  7. Ik it a show, but rick is smart he plays the business like a natural he learned the inside and out of the product and has it authenticated….he basically does that to the person when he negotiates he gets every bit of information and like to ask and make jokes about what people like to talk about and what they dont about there item its genius he authenticates the customers and items

  8. Rick: gives 5 million details about the coin
    Also rick: “I have no idea how much this is worth let me call a buddy who knows a little more”

  9. Bravo for not letting rick low ball him, well done. Half the people walk into that store would have taken 200 bucks.

    1. Except it wasn’t a lowball. Auction records show them going for almost exactly what he offered (4500) for the past few years in MS63 condition.

  10. The seller looked like he was ready to fight everyone in that store after he was told the price. XD

  11. I think the coin expert is my favorite of all the friends and buddies. Seems like such a respectable and all around awesome dude.

  12. Rick and the expert were excited about coin. I would have walked too. Was fun to watch. Great video

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