The Pawn Stars strike gold (and silver!) – but will they be able to negotiate the best deals? Find out in this Pawn Stars compilation featuring 5 rare items made out of gold and silver.

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43 Comments on “Pawn Stars: TOP 5 RARE GOLD & SILVER DEALS”

  1. That penny guy is infuriating. David is one of the best experts on the show, and is obviously very good at his job. Some people are just out of touch with reality.

    1. 102k for the penny, that guy smoked some of that Vegas Feddy before he came in the shop 😄

    2. ​@Mestre~Joe bro your videos are of video games lol why be that way? I am going to watch your FH5 videos though, I love that game haha. The penny guy was dumb because it’s all pre scripted but he was really mad 😂

    3. *I commented almost the same thing in the original video. David, is really one of the best numismatic experts out there and these stubborn clients, are just idiots.*

    1. Well it has never been as high as it was when he sold it around 2011-2013…and if fact it has been worth about half of what is was then ever since. There were only a few very short windows where silver peaked being worth more than $30-$35 in that 2 year time frame.

    2. @Powerstroke Syndicate If that was all of his silver, than I think it would be funny if he later regretted selling it.

    3. If he took a good chuck of that money and threw that in the stock market, he would be in good shape

    1. I used to collect coins when I was a kid. I started when I was about 10. My step mother had a rare buffalo nickel and told me that it’s worth more money than it looked, but it was how it looked, and many other coins I came across in the years of collecting afterwards. Over the years I don’t know where my collection went. It went into an attic or somewhere when I was 14 and then my parents moved and so on and so forth. I probably have a few thousand dollars worth of coins hidden away somewhere in Florida.

  2. I just looked up that 1944 steel cent on the Internet in MS60 condition which sold at auction in 2021 for over $408,000.
    Way too old of a show. The elderly man did well keeping the coin.

    1. @xearoii Yep, and any drop in grading/condition significantly reduces the price/value of the coin.

    2. This is graded by ngc at AU53 which is valued less than a pcgs graded example. He can’t go based on his values when coins are absolutely set in price based on auction records. His is worth 29k- 44k even today.

  3. Where did you get all that silver? I bought it 12 years ago! – most politician answer ever 🤣

  4. Just like the guy with the gold bar, he made a good sale you must not get yourself a refined or polished metal what you need is to be certain you have real metals. Got 60 ounces of gold in my collection started stacking up 8 years ago.

    1. Buying silver and gold is not as difficult as it appears and I do not go for polished ones, google Glen Cameron Henry.

    2. It’s really difficult to get hands on real gold or silver, I have hard luck on it been trying to get my hand on some for a while.

  5. Everytime I watch this I wonder how many other things they say is false. When he said when they make silver that big they don’t make it in odd weight. They do. Almost all 1000 oz silver bars are below or a little over and always stamped with the right weight. That’s because these are usually only purchased by mints, banks, and commercial users of silver

  6. 11 years ago I bought 15 thousand dollars worth of gold. Today it is worth 56 thousand. And it just keeps growing.

  7. There’s a trick I learned when I started collecting silver coins that a silver coin makes a very distinctive sound when dropped, a traditional newer coin makes a dull plunk

  8. They were going to rob him over that steel penny……..old trick……give it it dissapointingly low value so the owner will sell out of dissapointment.

  9. The Penny Guy Was Right to Walk Away From That Offer. Auctions DO NOT Dictate Value They Only Show What a Person is Willing to Pay Regardless of What The Item is Worth. Just Because The Last 2 Available at Auction Sold for About $30,000 Does Not Mean That They Are Not Worth More Than That Especially if One Sold in 2008 for Over $370,000.

  10. I looked up the Steel Penny. The guy that was selling the penny was looking at prices where that penny was minted out of either Denver or San Francisco. Denver had 7 total minted, so I believe that was the 75,000-100,000 he was looking for. San Francisco had only 2. I saw prices that range between 750,000-1,000,000 for the Steel penny so it’s probably in reference to the 2 struck in San Francisco. That would make sense that the remaining coins from Philadelphia would range between 30-35,000.

  11. the last one, said mint 63 ORRRRRR better. rick said that’s the difference between 61 and 63 is a thousand to 40k…so if it was better than 63..say a 64 or 65..then that guy got ripped off because it was appraised as a guess…disguised by an “expert”

    i knew rick knew it was worth more, when he didnt offer him 15k because itll need framed, and when 35k was too high, but 34k was the right price. lol what a shame

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