Pawn Stars: WILDLY HIGH APPRAISALS! (Sellers Shocked at Huge Profits!)

These sellers are happily surprised at these super high appraisals! See more in this compilation from Pawn Stars.

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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

39 Comments on “Pawn Stars: WILDLY HIGH APPRAISALS! (Sellers Shocked at Huge Profits!)”

    1. Since the sword has a name on it, try to track down the family and return it. That would be an episode. 😁💯✅

    1. He was aggresively going for it, but only JUST aggresive enough with some humor to tone down the intimidation just enough, brilliant negotiator.

  1. My grandfather willed his most prized possession to me. Let’s go to the pawn shop and sell it. These people drive me crazy!

    1. I was willed a coin collection from a grandfather under the terms i sell them and pay off my house, sometimes people will things to family to help them financially

  2. I thought Rick actually gave a pretty fair starting offer on that coin at $35k. I thought he was going to offer like $22k or something.

    1. I find it funny when people accuse Rick of low-balling because a friend of mine who owns a pawn shop told me that the History channel covers Ricky and the guys for any losses of an item they buy on air, so because they’re covered they usually tend to offer more money for things than regular pawn shops do. I watch the full episodes with my friend and he was telling me for each item literally how much he would have offered if it came into his shop and it was always much less

    2. @shady c network i don’t understand why some people are getting mad that they are offering prices not close to the appraisal value. it’s like they do not understand how a business works, especially with pawnshops.

    1. 50k appraisal and walked out with 40k In cash in his pocket right there. Probably one of the best deals you can get

  3. I think it’s funny that the blonde girl was not interested in the back story at all.. show me the $ lol 😆

  4. Oh Chumlee.. offering 20k on a sword that’s worth 50k-100k is sad. Especially when he based it off the last sell price as being 30k. The expert explained why it sold for so little, and factor in the change in the value money over the years.. good for the owner on declining the offer. Sometimes the shop really is cheap 😂

    1. It was an opinion on possible value. The 30k auction actually happened. Only one of those things is tangible.

    2. @trevorhohner4645  I know the auction actually happened… wtf? LOL did you actually read my comment? I literally said ‘the expert explained why it it sold for so little,..’ good grief 🤦‍♀️ Lmao

    3. Should’ve gotten Rick involved. Was definitely huge mistake by Chumlee. I feel seller would’ve sold for not too much more. That was a 1 in a billion item.

    4. When something is worth 50-100k there going go of 50k and do you know how auctions work if it sells for 50k theres still around 40% in fees so thats 30k after fees or if sold for 100k thats 60k after fees its a total gamble and its a pawnshop lol

  5. Honestly, President Harrison and the “Old Man” have uncannily similar eyes. So who knows. They could definitely be related.

  6. Every one of these is just more evidence to not leave your prize possessions to your family members.

    1. If I had something so expensive and I could prolong a family members life or friends life by paying for better healthcare and proper doctors around the clock, just to keep them around just a bit longer is the only reason I would do such a thing

  7. With Rick’s long explanaition.. I thought the girl with the painting was about to go “What is grampa yapping about? Just quit yapping and give me the cash already! I dont care bout any of that grampa! I have some shoes to buy! Can we jump the whole history lesson and skip to the cash?”

  8. Every time I hear Rickey talk about how he has to frame the item before it can be sold and therefore offers a low bid, I wonder how expensive this action is in the US.
    Personally, I get a movie poster framed for under $20 and a photo for $5

  9. Once again, letting Chunkly negotiate on anything of significant value or class is like putting a silk dress on a warthog

  10. Rick: “At my shop, family comes first and money comes second – depending on which one of my ex-wives you ask.”

  11. Rick’s offer with the first guy at 35 is already a great offer .. so when the guy wanted 20k originally than snubbed 35k I was like “ bro you only wanted 20” so to see Rick push it to 40 surprised me and even then he has to think about it? The seller is full of it lol.

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