PCGS Return Unboxing GONE WRONG – Cleaned, Counterfeit, and Circulated Lessons

Here's a group of coins that were submitted – mostly to confirm authenticity but also not the best group – and I was able to unbox recently. Obviously some interesting lessons with the fake 09-S VDB (which eluded some coin dealers) and then some basic but good reminders on cleaned (or lightly circulated) coins that probably shouldn't be getting put into circulation.


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12 Comments on “PCGS Return Unboxing GONE WRONG – Cleaned, Counterfeit, and Circulated Lessons”

  1. Thx for sharing 👍 great video enjoyed, I do wish you would have put the counterfeit one under Magnification and showed the the mint mark, still enjoyed it 👍

  2. At 8:30 you say you probably won’t give the coin back to the owner because it’s a counterfeit…. how can you legally not give the owner their coin back?

  3. There’s a certain seller on eBay that just sold a raw 1909 S VDB in similar condition for $4,038.52. They have another one already bid up to $1,575 with 3 days to go. I bet they have another one listed as soon as this one ends…

  4. The first place I look to detect a counterfeit or altered 09-S V.D.B is UNITED on the reverse. There are 2 reverse designs used in 1909. There is a shallow N and a deep cut N. On the 09-S V.D.B there is only 1 reverse used and it is the shallow N. The coin you showed has a deep cut N so right off the bat you know it is not genuine.

  5. Counterfeit coins such as that do not belong in the hands of anyone, they should be thrown into the ocean, never to be seen again.

    1. Unfortunately that wouldn’t help, they would be washed up on the beach and be found again and sent around

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