Penny worth money to look for! 1956 pennies you should know about!

We talk about penny worth money to look for; the 1956 pennies you should know about. We cover regular and proof coins as well as well known varieties and errors on them. We cover the error coins terminology as well. By the end of this video you will know their values, mintage and what to look for.

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19 Comments on “Penny worth money to look for! 1956 pennies you should know about!”

  1. I wasn’t aware of the errors, but in a learning process, thanks for bringing these to our attention, education is foremost what I am patiently getting. Thanks again for what you do.

  2. Wasn’t aware of a few of those errors. Learned a little bit more. Added to my knowledge base once again JnB TY and Love to the family

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